The Enemy is at the Gates

September 14, 2015

Back in April 2015 Islamist under the factional banner of ISIS beheaded twenty Christians on a beach in Libya.   ISIS, referred to as the JV-team by the erudite United States President, claimed that they were going to invade Europe.   The JV-Islamist even detailed the tactics that were going to be used.   They were simply going to flood Europe with refugees, and mingle terrorist among them.   European leaders mocked and ridiculed and promoted the thought that terror would never come to their cities.  A Roman news paper advised them not to come during the rush hour for the traffic would most certainly hold them up.  Seven months later the Muslim immigrants are invading Europe by the tens of thousands even by-passing the 500,000 ISIS promised to send.    Anyone would think that European leaders of the free about-to-be-enslaved world would take notice.  But no, these leaders believe their own rhetoric and think that these refugees are fleeing war torn Syria, forgetting about the refugees coming from places like Libya, Tunis, and Algeria and they don’t seem to notice how Christians are being killed en-mass when they try to leave with the Islamic hoard.      The assault on Europe is about to turn into an attacks on European capitals the likes of which has not been seen since World War II.  You may want to consider that this is also a crisis in the United States … How’s your Arabic?

The Vatican, a small city state surrounded by a wall has been ordered by the Pope to take in two immigrant families. You cannot make this up, the Pope is taking in people with the very ideology that is killing Christians by the thousands.   Followers of this ideology have sworn to kill the Pope and destroy the Vatican.   If the Pope cannot recognize an anti-Christ spirit, how would you anyone suppose the other European leaders to recognize the evil?    Come soon LORD Jesus.


The Cost of Worship

July 7, 2015

The cost of worship just went up in America. Just in case you had not noticed the cost of worship is different in different places.   For example, to stand for Yehovah, my God in Iran could cost a torturous stint in prison or it may cost you your life. Up until a few years ago to stand for Yehovah in the United States was to bear an occasional criticism from an ignorant soul. This is no longer so.   The United States Government and its current leaders have chosen to increase the price of worshiping Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The US Government raised the price of worship to a stiff fine or even a stint in jail. The United States government is honoring a person’s sexual preference over the commandments of Yehovah.   Yes, the cost of worship has increased.

The United States was birthed for the expressed purpose of protecting God given rights.   This purpose was recognized in the Declaration of Independences and the protected rights were itemized in the first ten amendments to the Constitution.   But the Supreme Court of the United States broke that covenant with the American People.   Again it seems that the Declaration of Independence declares the action that the people in the United States, who worship Yehovah, must take.   This action is to dissolve the United States Government for it no longer protects our God given rights of life and liberty. Yes, the cost of worshiping Yehovah has increased but I know where I stand and I, as many will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and we do not love their life more than they love Yehovah.


The Capitulating Church

May 15, 2015

Sunday night, May 3, 2015, there was a terror attack in Garland Texas. The attack was on an event put together by Pamela Geller, an outspoken Jewish Zionist. The event was to draw Mohammad in a cartoon. The effort was to ridicule Mohammad, his ideas, his murderous ways, his perversion, and his evil life. The event was a contest with a ten thousand dollar prize for the best cartoon. A cartoon of Mohammad is an easy task for the satirical ground is rich.

However, the followers of Islam would line-up for the honor to kill anyone who had blasphemed Mohammad. Many know this. Two such Muslims zipped out of Arizona and drove across Texas to attempt this very feat. In most Islamic countries Pamela Geller would be flogged, jailed or executed for the Sharia punishment for blaspheming Mohammad is death. Not only did Pamela deserve death in the eyes of these Islamic avengers but everyone in the event deserved death and the two Muslims from Arizona were fully aware of Islamic law and were just the ones to carry out the executions. The motive of the terrorist has been lost on the press for this is not the ideology of a radical Islamist; this is the ideology of Islam. The main line press does not want to point it out or even investigate it for they are afraid of the truth. Furthermore, the truth does not fit their narrative.

The Koran is something like Mein Kampf, it is the ramblings of a mad man named Mohammad.   The Koran has something else in common with Mein Kampf: the ideology of both books will motivate those who follow that ideology to kill.   The Koran is put together with a few other books about the life and times of Mohammad to compose a code, a set of laws, called Sharia which Muslims desire to impose on the entire world.     These laws are intended to subject all who do not convert to Islam with oppression and eventually death. This code was being followed by the two adventurous terrorists from Arizona but they ran into resistance and were shot dead by a security Guard.

Another thing about the teaching of Islam, it teaches Muslims to lie, especially if they are in the minority. Such is the case with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), They lie, deceive and plot to carry out an object to kill all who would blaspheme Mohammad while at the same time saying they are peaceful. Unfortunately, most Americans continue to be deceived.  They have been brain washed with the mantra that says, “Islam is a peaceful religion.” Here’s the truth: Islam is a cult of death!

The deception is so deep and wide that even many in the Church have chosen to capitulate to Islam which of course is an eventual death sentence. They do not resist Islam but rather open their churches for the worship of the god of Islam. The god of Islam is worshiped freely just as Ezekiel found the abominable heathen god Tammuz in the temple as recorded in Ezekiel 8:13-14.   Even those who don’t allow this abomination in the Church will not criticize Mohammad, nor the ideology of Islam for fear of offending a Muslim, saying that they can win them to Christ with kindness. What nonsense! I believe the motives are self-righteousness and fear, but the excuse is that they want to “love” the Muslim to Christ.   They do not know that the doctrine in Islam that says God has no son nor does he need a son is quintessentially anti-Christ. (I John 2:22)   (Surah 2:115-116; 4:157; 9:30; 10:68-69) Even after this conversion there are some who call those they think converted their brother Muslims. The deception is deep and wide like the song that was sung in the past about the love of Yehovah, Our God.    How do I know this?   I know it because the church has not been critical of Islam but they have been critical of Pamela Geller.   They have called her everything but a Muslim. They criticized her for pointing out the evils of Islam.   “Why, she provoked them”, they are saying, “She deserves what she gets. It was just a stupid stunt.”  Some have even said it was unfortunate that the terrorist did not succeed.   She was not only attacked by the Church but by the Media, the culture, the US Government and Islam.    I pray that she shrugs off the rejection that would have caused the best of them to quit and go home. She is truly an intrepid solder in the fight of a rudimentary evil called Islam.     There is a day and that day is short to come when the evilness of Islam will be most apparent.   And those who have criticized Pamela and her efforts will repent in sack cloth and ashes or be buried in the oncoming war with Islam.

This is not to say that the evangelical effort to convert a Muslim should not continue,   knowing, however that once a Muslim accepts Christ they are no longer a Muslim.   Furthermore, there is an instant death sentence placed on their head by Sharia law. Those who do not know this cannot make a logical judgment,   I have heard that the Bishop of Bagdad counseled some Muslim about the repercussions of making a decision for Christ and being baptized and some who were counseled were killed before a week lapsed.   This is serious and it is no time to take it out on the ones who are placing their selves in harm’s way for the sake of your liberty.

The Process of Radicalization

April 12, 2015

Watching Media’s talking heads being perplexed, confused, and bewildered about the “radicalization process” of terrorists is both humorous and sad.  In today’s world the “process” to radicalization is simply to teach someone, anyone, a child, a teenager or an old blind man to embrace the true tenants of the Islamic faith. The “radicalized” will then take the most opportune time to kill you, simply because you are an infidel.  The word radicalization has entered the list of politically correct words because words such as  Islamist, Islamic-terrorist, Jihadist, Muslim radicals and Islam-O-Nazis have been expunged.  The past terrorist attacks and attempted attacks have come from confirmed Islamic-terrorists and the United States government has used propaganda under the guises of politically correct speech to convince many that Islam is not a factor.  None is as infamous as the Fort Hood shooting being labeled a work-place accident.   If your intelligence is not insulted and assaulted by the United States Government calling an attack on a military installation where the attacker shoots scores of people while shouting allah-u-akbar, a work place accident then you are either a sycophant supporter of Barak Hussein Obama or a radical Islamist.  The United States Government is saying to you, the American citizen, when it comes to Islam, your government is not going to defend you.    You, who were supposed to be defended from the enemies of the freedom, are on your own for the United States Government is not at war with Islam and it will never go to war with Islam.    Indeed, the United States Government is allied with Islam and would likely defame you if you spoke against Islam.   This my fellow American is the legacy of Barak Hussein Obama going to the capitals of two Islamic nations and saying to them that the United States is not at war with Islam and will never be at war with Islam.   Well, I am one American citizen that knows Islam is my enemy and is out to destroy me and my freedom and yes, all of America!   Because America will not stand with me, I have chosen to stand with Yehovah.  Islam is an enemy of Yehovah and Yehovah will defend any righteous who identifies with Him and His name.  His name, Yehovah, is a High Tower and in it I will be safe.  What are you going to do?

What Peaceful Ideology Might that Be Mr. President!

February 27, 2015

The President of the United States, you know the one, the one who insults those who follow Christ as those who have condoned the atrocities of the crusades.   The president who says the Holy Bible is full of violence and therefore implies Christianity is violent.   The president who points at the Branch Davidian as an example of how Christianity is very violent or that Timothy McAfee was a Christian Terrorist.   The Branch Dravidian never attracted anyone and Timothy McAfee was not a Christian.   This however does not seem to mitigate the President’s attack on Christianity.   Facts are simply not Obama’s long suit.   The truth is far from him.      To my knowledge Obama has never said that Christianity is a peaceful religion.   While the “peaceful religion” mantra predicates  or trails even a whisper of the word “Islam.”    He points out condescendingly   how Christians have killed in the name of Christ but forbids, even the slightest mention that Muslims kill in the name of Mohammad.   Saying anyone who would slander the prophet of Islam has no future.   If it was not for duplicity Obama would have no position at all.   He is to me an enemy of Christians and Jews. Whether he is a Muslim or not,  I cannot say.   I know he is a liar and he is an enemy of Christians and Jews.   He is a traitor to the people of the United States and He is setting all government agencies to that end.

The Enemy’s Justification for Jihad

February 17, 2015


There is one truth that is foundational which is simply that Satan is a liar and Jesus Christ is the truth. The President of the United States at the prayer breakfast in February 2015 said that Christians have had their history of terror and killed indiscriminately in the name of Christ.   Obama went on to sight the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Jim Crow laws of the early 1900s as proof positive that Christians had a sordid past and we Christians are thus to have more understanding about the indiscriminate murder of innocents committed by radical Islamists. The network talking heads took to the air-ways to proclaim their side of Obama’s attempt at using events a thousand years past to shame Christians. Those who want to defame you and your God claimed, “Yes, in the name of Christ, Christians condoned slavery” and thus are responsible for or contributed to the Jim Crow laws. As I place my foot in the stir-up of my high horse I must point out that it was Charles Wilberforce a Christian who was largely responsible for the abolishment of slavery in England. Muslims never, ever tried to abolish slavery. Muslims enslave people and carry on a slave trade to this day.   The view from my high horse can be breath-taking.

The major objective of the enemy is to defame the name of God, His Messiah and His people. Thus Obama and many of his agenda-driven talking heads defamed the name of Christ with what one should expect from an enemy of God.   The idea that the scriptures or God’s Spirit directed Christians to behead innocents and burned innocents alive in the name of Christ is simply untrue.   But this was the implication that Obama was making at the prayer breakfast.   He was not only defaming Christians, but Christ also.   Obama would never say that Muslims were killing in the name of Mohammad.   No, No, No for as Obama said at the United Nations in 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  Obama knows his demonic masters and would never defame them.

There is nothing evil that is not condemned by the Scriptures or the Spirit of Yehovah. There are Islamic scriptures and there is a spirit of Islam and both are evil and a total contradiction to the Christian Scriptures.   The book of Revelation speaks of a time when the world would blaspheme the Name of God, His dwelling place and His people [Revelation 13.6; 16.9].   We are in that time.   Stand up for His Name, defend His Name and know His Name. His Name is Yehovah and His Son’s Name is Yeshua. But, it seems that the President of the United States does not know this but he is in the enemy’s camp doing his bidding.

John L Fisk

Just Wondering…

November 22, 2012

John L Fisk

Ever wonder about the people of Germany in the 1930’s?  That is when a nation which called itself a Christian nation allowed a tyrant of untold horror to come to power.  How did this tyrant, Adolf Hitler come to power in a civilized country, indeed how was he voted in?  How were a people who claimed to be mostly Christian deceived into embracing one of the most evil ideologies in all of history?  How was the ideology of Nazism allowed to continue until it was overcome by the death of fifty million souls? Why didn’t Christian churches stand against the evil that so encompassed Europe and indeed the world?  How was it that the silence of the lambs became a shout of acceptance to the “Final Solution” where genocide became perfectly acceptable?  Do you think Yehovah may have placed some of the responsibility for the death camps on the hands of the good and silent Christians. I wonder.

Before I hear the shouts of how redemptive the forgiveness of God is, let me state:  I am fully aware that forgiveness is in the atoning blood of Yeshua and how a confession of sin brings a generous application of that Blood.   But, 75 years or so after WWII ended and Israel was reborn out of the mouth of Yehovah, many who call themselves Christians are scheming to bring the destruction of Israel to a reality. They desire this simply because the existence of the land and the people does not fit into their doctrine.   They are calling for the boycott of Israel pointing out manufactured human rights abuses as their justification.  They do other things in closed company like trying to demonize the flag of Israel or they point out a conspiracy theory, they may even bring out a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  They try their best to destroy Israel with their lying and their conniving. These same Christians while ignoring the real civil rights abuse of the likes of Sudan, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan, claim they are unbiased and have no anti-Semitic agenda.  They are stumbling around motivated by the lie that says Yehovah will not restore the nation of Israel on earth.  They believe they alone are chosen of Yehovah and have usurped Yehovah’s first love and are playing the interloper claiming the mantel of “spiritual Israel.”   They try to convince themselves that the nation of Israel is nothing but a mirage.  They do not have the Spirit of repentance which is absolutely required to apply the blood of Yeshua.  No, they do not have the Spirit of repentance; they have rather the spirit of Amalek. They see the plan of God as a plan that must be stopped if the nation of Israel is in the future of Yehovah’s plan, in as much as the people and the land of Israel are a part of that plan.  However, despite the wolves and their pups in the Christian community Yehovah’s plan is going forward.  We who rejoice in the plan of Yehovah watch as the whole world form a confederacy against that plan.  There is a scripture in the Revelation that says that every nation shall wail because of Him even so, amen.    I say, as John in the Revelation, let them wail! Yehovah, arise and have mercy on Zion. Amen

In 1933, Germany was coming out from humiliation, hyper inflation and economic depression.   The German people thought the worst was over.  They had reason to hope for on January 1933 Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany.  Change was in the air and change came!  From 1933 to 1945 Germany went from recovery to total destruction, from hope to despair, from freedom to bondage; from unity to division.   Germany went into an abyss and it took forty years to recover.   The rubble of the cities of Germany was collected into great mounds and in many cities such as Munich the German people built parks and even buildings on top of the voluminous rubble.

There was another change from 1933 to 1945:  In 1933 there were few Zionist Jews in Europe, in 1945 it was hard to find a Jew who was not a Zionist.  Yes the Jews that survived the final solution had Zion on their mind.   God has His ways of placing an idea in our minds to achieve His plan.   Blessed be the Name of Yehovah.

Hitler’s coming to power in 1933 was seen as an economic blessing. Hitler had a speech which he gave on February 10th1933 which was inclusive and nationalistic and called for change.   He spoke of change and a shared effort and a new and greater Germany.   The German people were ignoring the situation with the brown shirts, and the constant anti-Semitic rhetoric and the torching of the Reichstag in April.  Yes, in 1933 Hitler received the support of the working class and the elitists and even the educated Jews who hung out at German Universities as professors and students.  They discounted the anti-Semitism as merely campaign rhetoric.  They never saw the death camps and the “final solution” coming.   The ignorance of the “enlightened”Jews was so great they did not wake up until one dark cold night in November of 1938 called kristallnacht or the night of the broken glass.   It was then too late to change course and few Jews got out of Germany.  Their fate was sealed but many Jews who escaped went to Poland with nothing but what little they could carry.  They went to Poland for safety and to flee the reach of Adolf Hitler.  Little did they know that Poland was the waiting room for the gas chambers.  Reality over took them in September of 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and WWII began.   The terror of the holocaust was hidden from the world and made manifest to the Jews.  It was not until 1945 in the rubble of a fallen nation would the world see the unbelievable savagery of the Nazi regime.   The Jews awoke to a new reality and the world wondered about the depth of the evil of the heart of men.   During this period of reflection Israel rose and overcame the holocaust to gather as a nation to the very spot Yehovah promised to gather them.  Israel was assaulted from its inception and upon every assault Israel grew stronger and upon every compromise Israel grew weaker.  Every time Israel was perceived as weak a war ensued.    Funny how Israel’s enemies miss calculate Israel’s strength.  God is in the destiny of Israel, thus, their enemies always lose.  Enemies of Israel who are more than a generation old are buried and arise only when an archeologist digs them up.  But, there are always new enemies that look for the next sign of weakness.  They then take their place in the dust for the pleasure of the next generation of archeologists.    On one of these occasions Israel’s enemies will rise up to the prey, but Yeshua is going to show up and destroy them with the brightness of His coming!   This is the good news of the Kingdom!    You cannot afford to make the mistake of being on the wrong side of this fight. Selah