The Definition of a Martyr

December 28, 2009

By John L Fisk


The root definition of a martyr is a messenger or witness.  It is from the Greek word martus. One may think that the word is connected with death, as in one who has been slain for their position, but that is today’s definition, this was not the definition when the word was first coined in the Greek New Testament.  The word martyr or martyrs only appears three times in the English KJV version of the Bible (Acts 22:20 Revelation 17:6, 2:13).  The Greek word translated as martyr in these three locations is translated witness twenty-nine other times. The use of the word martyr occurs when the witness is slain as is the case in the three Bible references where the English word martyr is used.   Thus the definition of martyr is the path of its etymology: It is a witness who is slain because of his witness. To refine the definition further, martyrs are killed for the testimony of Yahweh, their God.  Those who call Yahweh Father know that He never directs His own to take revenge nor kill in His name. His words are far more powerful than our own ability to kill, they bring life.   No one volunteers to be a martyr, they are killed because they refuse to bring false witness against Yahweh, their God. Yahweh’s people overcome by the shed blood of His Son, the word of their testimony and they do not love their live unto death.

Until recently the word martyr was never an act of murder.  But, there is a new definition that the defenders of Islam would have you believe.   They would have you believe that being killed in the process of murdering as many people (infidels) as possible is martyrdom.  A murderous act is just the ticket to get you in good with Allah, Islam’s god.  Allah has no ability to bring life and directs his people to bring death.  He says to them, “You will get a place in paradise with seventy–two virgins.”  As ridiculous as it sounds, it is the motivation behind thousands of murderers.   It is the driving cause of 911.  It is the motivation behind suicide-bombers, murderers, and jihadist of every stripe.  They come out of the schools of this evil ideology and take up position among the innocent people who they plot to kill.  They study the art of killing as many people as possible before going down in a flame of “glory.”   Islamic countries have had soccer stadiums named after them, But, I refuse to consider these murderers martyrs.

Major Hasan’s attack at Fort Hood, Texas, is the latest of the mayhem caused by this Islamic ideology and one mans desire to be a martyr.   Major Hasan did not expect to survive the act of murder.   He must hope that while he is on trial the virgins wait.   I think that the trial will be long and drawn out.  Many under-reported news events will follow.  The latest is that the US government has restrained Hasan from speaking with anyone in Arabic unless an interrupter is present.  He gets calls from relatives who want to pray with him in Arabic but he is not allowed, poor soul.

Governments, the people in control, do not want you to notice that Islam is the evil ideology motivating these murderers.  An act of terror such as performed by Hasan always places the government leaders in an awkward position.  Expect them to get up and say something like, “Islam is a peaceful religion” (Subliminally saying, “Please go back to sleep.”).  You may hear them tell you how Islam has contributed so much to the world.  Do not ever expect any specifics for there are none.   Islam is an evil motivator that is causing murder and mayhem all over the world.

It is not unusual in a living language for the definition of a word to change due to usage   Many English words have morphed in my life — words like gay, watergate, and hybrid have taken on whole new definitions.  I refuse to call someone a martyr especially a Muslim who straps a bunch of explosives together and brings them into a crowd and blows to bits all he can survey.  Some words come to mind like murderer, bomber, killer, suicide-bomber, terrorist, and assassin: any or all of these words work.  But the word martyr does not.

When Barak Obama said in Turkey and Egypt the United States is not at war with Islam, he was correct.  We have surrendered.  Surrender to Islam has caused us to use words like martyrs to describe this scum of the earth.  Islam has invaded our space and attacked our life, limb, and witness.  It has caused untruth to be spoken and entrapped our people in politically correct lies.  Things like “Islam is a peaceful religion” or “We all worship the same God.”  This one is especially nice: “There are moderate Muslims” The latest by Barak Obama is “Muslims have made great contributions to America.” He said this after the Fort Hood murders.  The Islamic world is attacking America at every opportunity and the response of America is how may we assist?

YOU may assist by standing against Islam.  Do not surrender.  Allah is not my God.  My God is Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He has a Son whose name is Jesus and Jesus brings life.   Islam is not a peaceful religion.  It is a religion that brings murder and death.

To answer Obama: 911 which brought the death of nearly three thousand Americans is the only contribution I have seen from Islam in America.   I pray that you stand!  The alternative is surrender: the very definition of Islam.


The Tale of Two Trials

December 22, 2009

By John L Fisk 12-01-09

The headline on the Fox web site dated November 12th was entitled, “Military doctors Worried Hasan Was ‘Psychotic’ Capable of Killing Fellow Soldiers.”

The sequestering of Hasan, a citizen of the United States, in a military trial while KSM, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a foreign combatant, gets a trial in federal court with all the constitutional rights of a US citizen, is criminal.  I must conclude that this administration is trying to use the United States Justice department against the United States.  Attorney General Holder is Obama’s front man for this radical endeavor.

The agenda of the politically-correct crowd (US Government and the mainstream media) is promoting the erroneous conclusion that Hasan is nuts, just nuts. “He’s ‘Psychotic,’ that’s all.” This is the new nonsense being raised in Hasan’s defense.   Islam, as the ideology which drove him to murder will not be investigated and the politically correct mantra that Islam is a peaceful religion can be promoted without so much as an interruption.  The mainstream media and the current US administration may even come up with a new mental illness in defense of Islam.  What a concept, defend Islam and administrate another dose of delusion to the American people.

The trial of KSM is not an open and shut case.  Holder, the Attorney General, is the top lawyer in the country.  He knows that all the evidence will have to be excluded:  It was not collected with a court order, KSM’s Miranda rights were not read, and all of his testimony will be thrown out.  Countries like Germany have already refused to give the US any evidence because [are you ready for this] the United States has the death penalty. There is no precedent for this and the judge has no guidelines.  There is a strong possibility that KSM could be released on the streets of New York by force of law. In which case, this duopolistic Holder would be exposed.  It would be a small consolation to the enormous harm he will have caused our national security.

The arrogance of this administration and the outrageous behavior of the Attorney General Holder, Obama’s subordinate, are beyond the pale.  He drops cases of voter fraud and physical intimidation in Philadelphia, with the only apparent reason is that the defendants were black.  He refuses to investigate ACORN with their blatant voter fraud and infamous illegal activity.   He promised to redouble efforts to protect abortion doctors after one was killed by a psychotic.  But, he has no comment when a terrorist attacks an Arkansas army recruiting station and kills a US service man. I can only conclude, he favors the enemies of the United States and loathes the people of the United States.  Holder has already called the people of the United States cowards concerning race.  Why would I not think that Holder is an enemy of this country?  What would he do differently if he was?

It’s All About Israel

December 22, 2009

by John Fisk  12-20-09

Iran captured an Iraqi oil field this week which repeats a provocation that took place in 1980,   this was the very act that started what is now known as the Iran/Iraq war.  The struggle which killed over a million and lasted eight years was more than a clash between Iraq and Iran it was a clash between Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah, a clash between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.  I remember that the mainline Press was trying to figure out which side was radical.  Their choice was the Shiites by a nose, I suspect due to the then recent US Embassy hostage situation. The press was not analyzing the differences between Shiite and Sunni but trying, as always, to steer public opinion. Read the rest of this entry »