It’s All About Israel

by John Fisk  12-20-09

Iran captured an Iraqi oil field this week which repeats a provocation that took place in 1980,   this was the very act that started what is now known as the Iran/Iraq war.  The struggle which killed over a million and lasted eight years was more than a clash between Iraq and Iran it was a clash between Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah, a clash between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.  I remember that the mainline Press was trying to figure out which side was radical.  Their choice was the Shiites by a nose, I suspect due to the then recent US Embassy hostage situation. The press was not analyzing the differences between Shiite and Sunni but trying, as always, to steer public opinion. The Shiites are not any more radical than the Sunni, Islam is radical whatever the strip.   But, the history of this particular part of the Middle-east is especially interesting when you consider that the focus of everything that goes on is about Israel.  How can the occupation by Iran of an oil field in Iraq be about Israel?  Iran is using the incident as a testing point, to test the reaction of the world.  They desire to lead the Islamic world in the destruction of Israel.  Their desire to dictate terms to Israel and the world is what motivates them.    The war in 1988 did not really end it was that Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah sat down at a table and decided to stop hostilities — the only agreements that they could make was to condemned Israel and stop shooting at each other:   So ended the Iran/Iraq war.

What did Israel have to do with the Iran/Iraq war?  Everything.  It was a war to decide the dominance of Shiite over Sunni or Sunni over Shiite.  Therefore, it was the war that would decide which group would prevail and lead the Islamic world into the destruction of Israel.    This battle is still going on between the Hezbollah (Shiite) and Hamas (Shiite) and Fatah (Sunni), Jordan (Sunni), Arabia (Sunni) and Egypt (Sunni).     It is a struggle that works somewhat to Israel’s interests in that it keeps two enemies of Israel fighting one another.   It reminds me of a political cartoon back in the 80’s where President Reagan faced two cheer-leaders one held a sign that read “IRA” and the other had two signs one with a “Q” and the other with an “N”.   Reagan could not figure out which one to raise and cheer for IRAN or IRAQ.  It seemed the administration was cheering for the under-dog the one who was losing this keep the war going and going.  You may recall that this was the time of Iran-gate.  It all seems so complex but you must look beyond what is happening and see the objective of Satan.  This helps answer the more important question: what is Yahweh doing?

As I have pointed out the war between Shiite and Sunni is not over:  the struggle continues.   The recent “aggression” Pact that Syria and Iran entered into is very significant into this not-so-visible war.   Iran has found it difficult to find a point of contact with Israel being so many miles from its border.   Yes, every attempt is being made by Iran to reach Israel by missile, but there is no substitute for boots on the ground.  The answer to this dilemma has been the Hezbollah, “the party of Allah”.   Hezbollah is and has been a gathering point of Shiites for the single purpose of driving Israel into the sea.  You may think that all is peaches and cream between the Hezbollah and the rest of the Islamic world because of this common goal but this is simply not so.  Egypt has arrested Hezbollah spies in their county.  Arabia is always struggling with the Hezbollah and when the Hezbollah gains more influence you will see criticism coming from Saudi Arabia.   Syria has traditionally been Sunni, thus the pact that is now between Iran and Syria is a victory for the Shiites.  The Hamas is split from the Fatah the traditional Sunni group whose purpose also is to drive Israel into the sea.  The Hamas is overt in this goal and the Fatah is circumspect.  Differences are now greater in that the Hamas is getting a significant portion of their arms from Iran.   The government, such as it is, in Gaza has become more and more a model of the Ayatollah-Iranian style government:  a Shiite Muslim theocracy.

The target, the focal point, the only place where all of Islam can gather in a common goal is to drive Israel into the sea.   This fact was known by Saddam Hussein when during the gulf war, Saddam attacked Israel.  It was his first defensive response to the coalition nation’s attack.  Israel was not part of the coalition, Israel did not attack Iraq, Israel was not part of any aggression on Iraq, yet it was the first target of Saddam Hussein.  He sent a scud missile to Israel rather than towards the attacking Americans.  Why?  He wanted to ally the Islamic world to his cause and he knew that the destruction of Israel was the only point of agreement in the Islamic world.

It is all about Israel!


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