The US is Being Chauffeured to Its Destruction

By John L Fisk


Those who become enemies of the Jews simply don’t fare well.  From the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany the enemies of the Jews have been ground into the dust of history.  Have you noticed that the United States is becoming more anti-Semitic?  Support for Israel has fallen for the first time below 50% in the United States. This precipitous drop in support is a composite result of this administrations anti-Semitism and its appeasement to and support of Islam.  Obama refused, as underscored by his infamous Cairo speech, to dictate whether the Islamic regime of Iran can possess nuclear technology but he demands that Israel stop building apartments in Jerusalem.  Barak Obama has refused to connect Islam’s ideology with terrorism.  Thus radical Muslims, the source of the terrorism in America, are on the streets of America boldly promoting more anti-Semitism and Islamic Hate.  Barak Obama’s duplicity is on display for all to see and he is the chauffeur who is driving this great nation to its destruction.

Islamists are hitting the street and peddling their lies in places like New York. New York the very place where Muslims killed close to three-thousand bringing down the Twin Towers.

These Muslims are being joined internationally by the State Department of the United States who unbelievably are terrorizing Israeli border guards in Israel.  The harassment and terrorizing of Israel by US officials has gone up exponentially since Obama has taken office.  This administration is no friend of Israel.  The United States is looking into the dark side of Genesis 12:3.  This nation is stepping into the arrogant position of being an adversary of Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  I know that Yahweh’s Word is true and thus the United States has passed the pinnacle of its greatness.  It happened the moment the majority of Americans became anti-Israel.  You do not have to be an economic expert to know that the United States is going down economically; You do not have to be a military expert to know that the United States is going down militarily; You do not have to be an expert in foreign affairs to know that the United States is going to become insignificant internationally.  The United States in the coming months will learn the difference between the blessings and the curses of God.  The blessings of God brought this nation to its greatness.  The curses of God will cause a much different result.

“Oh.” You may say, “but the United States can repent.”

Let me assure you that God gives people and nations space to repent and the space that the United States had has come and gone.  Barak Obama is the God chosen chauffer, driving the United States to His Judgment.  Maybe you can find a hiding place.  (Zephanah 2:3)


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