Political Correctness

By John L Fisk


Political correctness is deceit, an endeavor by the ones in power to control the thinking of the minority or those who are not in power.  Political correctness is the effort to change the perception of reality, for a special motive which is often to advance a person or group.  It warps reality in the hope that reality will follow the politically correct mold.  It is a lie that gains acceptance by repetition and it becomes painful to believe otherwise.  One of these politically correct phrases is “Islam is a peaceful religion.” Islam teaches hate, murder and war and is anything but peaceful.  Reality would say to the non-Islamic world that Islam has to be isolated, marginalized and defeated.  We have been inundated with politically correct rhetoric about Islam and we endure the reality of more and more Islamic terrorist attacks on the back drop of Islam being a peaceful religion.  The truth is politically correct speech works and often it works because it hurts to believe the truth.

If you believe in the prophetic word of Yahweh you will always be in the minority, which makes you a perpetual target.  Until the Messiah comes, you will be in the crosshairs of the politically correct speakers.  The way you think and what you do will be under attack.  [When politically correct speech is refuted by a minority it is called a lie.  Facts will not and do not matter.]  Our course, our mindset, must be stayed on Yahweh as the defense against that which is politically correct.  The world will always be at odds with anyone who is following the true and righteous God.

The following articles demonstrate political correctness in the mainstream media, governments, and other political factions. The main purpose is to cover-up, obfuscate, and otherwise deceive you into the thought process of the majority.  That is, to make every effort to say and convince you that Islam is a “peaceful religion” despite the mountain of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims this week alone.   This is to anesthetize the world’s population into capitulation to Islam’s demands:  An endeavor to keep peace at the sacrifice of freedom and liberty, your God given freedom and liberty.  Nothing less is at stake in this battle.

The first article is a story out of Finland entitled: Kosovan gunman kills ex-wife then four people at Finland mall where she worked before committing suicide.   This article never mentions that the perpetrator of the killing of five people at a mall in Finland was a Muslim.   If you were to validate this it would take an extensive web search but, I have done it.  Here are the phrases used to identify the killer: “Shkupolli, a Kosovan immigrant” and “ethnic Albanian from Kosovo”.   In Europe ethnic and immigrant are very popular substitutes for the word Muslim.   The article this killing disassociated from Islam.  So the ideology of Islam is not in question.  This article tries to make it look like the killer was a distraught husband who killed his wife and there was just a bit of collateral damage.  In other articles I read on the subject the second amendment type laws in Finland come under attack.  “Why, the cause of the killing was simply the liberal gun laws in Finland.”  The ones who oppose self-defense and desire your disarmament are out in force on this one.  Politically correctness removes from view the real motive in the killing leaving the reader with the fact of the event but no clue whatsoever as to the cause.

The second article I chose is about an incident in France entitled “French police detain nearly 400 over New Year’s.”   They were detained for torching 1000+ cars.  The AP and French government conspire to cloak the Islamic ties of those that have been torching the cars. The four-hundred were identified as “marauding youths from tough neighborhoods in immigrant-heavy areas.”   The word immigrant is very popular to identify Muslims in Europe.    Here is another article on the incident which is nothing but a down play of a major New Year’s Eve event in Paris: “Scores of cars burned, hundreds arrested over French New Year.”   This article is from the French Press and Government releases.

The third article is out of Denmark where a cartoonist and his grandchild were attacked by an axe wielding Islamic terrorist.  However, the only time Muslims or Islam is mentioned in association with the victim, the evil Cartoonist.    You have to read it to believe it.  Somali charged in attack on Danish cartoonist.   The article, as most of the news reports written on this subject tried NOT to report that this poor perpetrator was Muslim.  They did imply that the cartoonist brought this on himself by criticizing the prophet Mohammad, by drawing a bomb in his head.  The lesson to take away from this report is not to criticize Islam nor Mohammad for you too may be justifiably targeted and the overworked police will have to come and save you from a righteous but miss-lead immigrant.  You are not to notice that Mohammad is a murderous, thieving, lying, pervert and Islam teaches you how to be just like him.  This political correct article places fear in the hearts of anyone who would dare to criticize Islam as the victim did.  The writer of the article avoids calling the attacker Muslim and uses the words instead: Somali man, Somali, client, the man and assailant.  Because the article had to mention Islam at all, the writers of the piece had to add the obligatory statement from the local Islamic group, “The Danish Muslim Union strongly distances itself from the attack and any kind of extremism that leads to such acts.”  Anyone think this strange?


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