Abortion and Its Legacy!

By John Fisk

Posted 1/8/10

If we accept as truth what Thomas Jefferson said, “God who gave us life gave us liberty.  Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we remove a conviction that these liberties are a gift from God.”   May we not conclude that God who gave us liberty gave us life and that life cannot be secure unless we hold the conviction that life is a gift from God?  Thomas Jefferson concluded that if you deny God’s gift to an individual then you must and will be judged by God.  For he further states concerning slavery, “Indeed, I tremble for my county when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

Abortion has been normal in the United States for almost forty years.  Not because the people voted for this evil, but rather because the Supreme Court declared it right.  Yes, the right for a woman to kill here unborn child was proclaimed by the Supreme Court:  a liberty not given by God but rather by the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court had done this thing once before claiming in 1857 in the Dred Scott decision that slaves were property and that the Government was in place to enforce the right of one man to own another.  The removal of the right of slave holders to own slaves took the Civil war which was visited upon America as a woe to pay for the injustice of slavery.

Now, many years later we face yet another court impose injustice and we sit between the offence and the judgment.  The defense of this injustice is argued with statement that make the victim less than human so it may be said that a woman’s right to kill is greater than the life of the one being killed.   Statements like:

The fetus isn’t a “person” until viability.

The unborn isn’t a person with a meaningful life.

The unborn is just a simple blob of tissue – not a baby.

These statements are understandable only when you comprehend it is necessary to reduce a person to less than human before making them victims.  It was so when this nation which was conceived in liberty was conceived.  Slaves were said to be three fifths of a person this being declared and codified in the Constitution of the United States.   Thus slavery continued as a defective nation conceived in liberty was born.  It was so when Hitler the leader of Nazi Germany, convinced people that Jews were less than human and they were indeed a pollution to society.  Thus the final solution was executed and hardly a whisper of protest could be heard.  Now the people of the United States have been convinced that the unborn is less than human and thus we bestow onto woman the right to kill the unborn and proclaim it justices.

The judgment of God was visited upon the United States in an event called the Civil war.  A war claiming more lives than all the other war the United States combined.  Nazi Germany was ground to dust for its participation in what is now known as the Holocaust.  As I look to the present past and the near future I add my voice to Thomas Jefferson’s and say, “Indeed, I tremble for my county when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.”   Selah


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