The Confusion about who God Is

By John Fisk    01-10-2010

This week’s events have come together to spotlight that world governments, major media outlets and many of those in the Church do not know who God is.  They do not even know His name.   I would have viewed these events with a curious “who cares” attitude just a few years ago.    Since then I have come to the Revelation of His name so I have a new level of understanding of the gravity of this confusion.   Jesus once pointed out that those who did not know Him did not know His Father     (John 8:19, John 8:28).    This fact goes unchanged today.   It is simple: the world and the Church do not know the name of God, the True God, is Yahweh.

This fact is underscored by this week’s events:   Six churches in Malaysia have been fire-bombed because the Church has been using the name of Allah to identify their God.   Persecution of the church by Islam occurs all over the world [recent events check:  here and here and here] but to fire-bomb because a church calls their God Allah is a very unique and strange reason.   For years the Malaysian Bible translated the name of God as Allah.   Now Islam is on an ascendency with world domination as their goal.   Muslims in Malaysia recognized that Allah is the name for their god.  Muslims also know that it is a lie that the God of Christians and the god of Islam is the same. Unfortunately the Christians in Malaysia do not have the same understanding.   Muslims want only Muslims to use the name Allah as their god and they are willing to kill to enforce their desire.   This fact, of course, is missed entirely by the western governments who constantly say through their spokesmen that we all worship the same god:  It is a kind-of “can’t we all get along” statement.    Just a few short months ago Newsweek published an article:  Jesus vs. Allah.   This article points out the ignorance of both Newsweek and the United States Government.  This ignorance, however, is what will be acted upon by both the United States and the media for they do not know Jesus because they do not know Yahweh or Jehovah.   The list of candidates this article uses for the name of god does not even include the Name of Yahweh, but it does list the following:  Allah, Dios, Gott, Dieu, Elohim, Gud, and Jesus.    The article points to the controversy over a US Senate Judicial nominee, David Hamilton who ruled that the name of Jesus or the title Christ should not be used in the Indiana house when prayers are given but the name Allah is appropriate.  This is the kind of nominee I would expect from Obama.  But, I digress.

What all these events are doing is bringing attention to who God is.   It brings you to a choice as to what name will be written upon you.  In the Torah, in Numbers chapter six, is written a blessing called the Aaronic Blessing.   This blessing causes an interesting outcome; it causes the name of Yahweh to be written upon the recipients of the blessing.   This is Yahweh’s way of saying “You belong to Me.”    Part of the Patsy Cline’s song’s lyrics say: “Remember when a dream appears that you belong to Me.”  The world is at a point where a dream has appeared and that dream is a nightmare called Islam.  Their god is Allah.  Consider for a moment that the scripture talks about a “mark or seal of God”  (Ezekiel  9, Revelation 7:2 )  I submit that this seal is His Name, Yahweh that is the mark of Yahweh is Yahweh.  I further submit, that the mark of satan, commonly known as the mark of the beast, is the name of Allah.  Investigate further by clicking here.


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