John L Fisk


Obama has gone on record and declared that peace in Israel is hard, very hard. Fact is, Peace is above his pay-grade.   There’s only One who can bring peace to Israel and Obama is not the one.

A closer look at the tactics of Obama and his administration and you can see he is not a peace maker.   He is using Chicago type politics to bring peace.  An example of this is when he had his middle-east envoy, George Mitchell threaten to cut off loan guarantees to Israel if Israel did not stop building in east Jerusalem.   Check here too.   This back fired when it was learned that Israel was not in need of the US loan guarantees. What a bummer.   Obama does not use the baseball-bat-to-the-knee-caps tactics on the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah or the Taliban.  No, no.   This week he was trying to make peace with the Taliban by bribing them with a billion dollars.   Yep, this is peace Chicago style: pay off your enemies and break the knee caps of your friends.

This Nobel Prize winner is not giving up on peace in the middle-east.  After all, if he can get Israel to make some concession he will save the world and justify his peace prize. Tiny Israel is so insignificant who would notice or care if they lose another piece of land for peace.  So, the effort goes on with an attempt to have Israel give more land and autonomy to the Palestinians in the “west-bank.”  It worked so well with Gaza.   Obama does not know he is in conflict with Yahweh. (Joel 3:2)  But, his hubris is up to the challenge.


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