President Barak Hussein Obama the Traitor

By John L Fisk


This country is now reeling with the worst President in history.  It has become apparent that Barak Obama is an enemy of the country, a country he leads.  Because of this, none of the outcomes that the United States faces are good.  The best course of action would be to impeach and remove the traitor from office.  But, it may not be possible before irreversible damage is done to the freedom and liberty with which this country has been blessed.  Freedom and liberty is a gift from Yahweh and anyone who would purpose to take these away is stealing what God has given.  Should you be ready to fight for that which God has given you?  If you are not, bondage is your destiny.

You may consider the use of the term traitor too harsh.  I think it is too little too late.  During the 2008 election the people did not want to know who Obama was:  Is Obama a communist, socialist, fascist or what?  Is he a Christian or a Muslim?  Is He for the US or against the US?  These are not questions meant as a smear, they are rather questions that should have been asked before General Motors and Chrysler, large banks, insurance companies and the housing industry was nationalized.  It should have been asked before trillions were spent to bankrupt the country –It should have been asked before gobs of money were spent as a rouse to stop unemployment.   But no, the questions were not asked.  Hope and Change drove the agenda and the vetting of the presidential candidate was stopped at the realization that this would be the first black president.  Not even the people who Obama hung-out with raised alarms about who Obama was.  His spiritual leader hated and cursed America, His political career was launched in the home of a terrorist, and he was able to get the home he lived in with the help of a Chicago gangster.  Why would anyone be against any of these things after all he will bring hope and change!  We do not even know, beyond a doubt, whether Obama was born in the United States.  Now we have a president that is not comfortable with victory in a war that the US is waging.  A president, who has driven the troop moral into the mud, ruined our reputation among many of our allies and has brought the US to an ineffectual state so no action can be taken against a nuclear Iran.  He has, to his disgrace, improved our image among thugs and dictators.  What are we to think about a president that wants a trial for foreign terrorist in a federal court bestowing full constitutional rights on those who waged war on the US?   He then tries to cover up the acts and motives of a US born terrorist by trying him in a military court.  (Referring to the Fort Hood murderer)   A president who swore to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic went to the capitals of two Islamic countries and said, “The US is not at war with Islam and it never will be at war with Islam.”   Why should I not think that he has place Islam above the constitution?   The directives and laws of Islam’s ideology contradict and are in direct conflict with the US constitution.  The ideals of the constitution are at war with the ideology of Islam.  Our President is not nor will he ever defend the constitution against Islam!  Whether he is Muslim or not he stands ready to concede to Islam at the most appropriate moment.  Islam is elitist and does not promote equal rights or equality under the law.  Islam is an evil and when it dominates a country, that country is in bondage.  Consider Iran or Saudi Arabia.  Our president will install Sharia law rather than fight Islam.  Obama is a traitor!


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