John L Fisk


The Organization of the Islamic Conference, OIC, is an organization within the UN that consists of fifty-six countries and the Palestinians, making fifty-seven states.  The OIC votes within the UN as a block and that vote is always anti-Israel.  When Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, spoke at the UN some months ago all the members of the OIC walked out.   Yes, the OIC leads the world in anti-Semitism.  The OIC also stifles any criticism of Islam.  The OIC has purposed UN resolutions to limit free speech to make it Illegal for anyone to criticize Islam.   In some OIC states the criticism of Islam is a capital offence.  The OIC also is front-and-center when it comes to apologizing for Islamic terrorism.  This is an organization that any freedom loving American would resist and avoid.

The United States, under the wisdom of Barak Hussein Obama, has appointed a “special envoy” to the OIC.  President “this-nation-is-no-longer-a-Christian-nation” Obama has appointed Rashad Hussain as the special envoy to the OIC.  The OIC’s uses words like, Rashad Hussain is an activist par-excellence.  Now it is not a stretch to say that the glowing endorsement by the OIC almost guarantees that Rashad Hussain is an anti-Semitic, anti-free speech, terrorist-supporting, bigot par-excellence.   Secretary of State, Clinton, introduced the OIC envoy Hussain to glowing acceptance by the OIC.   “This will bring the United States and the Muslim world closer” said an OIC representative.  This is just what Hussein Obama wants.  It is the next step for the United States to Islamic bondage.

It turns out that Obama’s appointment has been shown to be an anti-Semitic, anti-free speech, terrorist-supporting, bigot par-excellence.    He has supported convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian.  He is pro-jihad, anti-Israel and just the kind of person Obama desires to be a part of his administration.  The appointment of Rashad Hussain has removed for me any doubt as to whether Obama is incompetent or a traitor.  Obama’s appointment speaks to the OIC, the world, and Israel that he desires for the US to be a member of the OIC.   Obama’s  goal: make the US an Islamic nation.


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