John L Fisk

March 31, 2010

I want to be liked and I am motivated to ingratiate myself to others. But, I have chosen to be on Yahweh’s side and it seems if you make that decision the world will hate you. This hate becomes more focused as the world becomes aware of what God is doing.
Allow me to explain by the example of a simple word called Zion or Zionist. My God, Yahweh, is a Zionist. He is the quintessential Zionist. Yahweh is a political Zionist and a spiritual Zionist. He has the objective of establishing His son on Zion and to have Him rule the world from that seat. Therefore, it is natural for those on God’s side to take the position of being a Zionist. A hundred years ago the word Zionist was just coming into the vocabulary of those outside the church and the Jewish Faith. In 1898, Theodor Herzl chaired what is now billed as the First Zionist Congress and the world says to this day, he is the father of Zionism. Well, that’s just not so. With all due respect to Theodor Herzl, God is the Father of Zionism, but I am being redundant. Before a Jew named Theodor Herzl brought the attention of the world to the Zionist movement, a Baptist called Robert Lowery puts this refrain on a poem called “We’re marching to Zion.”

We’re marching to Zion,
beautiful, beautiful Zion;
we’re marching upward to Zion,
the beautiful city of God.

Zionism was certainly popular a hundred or so years ago. Conferences were being called, songs were written and churches were being named after Zion. Many Mount Zion Churches were making their way onto the landscape. Something happened, however, while marching to Zion, the world became aware that Yahweh was fulfilling His promise to establish Zion. What a coincidence! The same time Yahweh decides to display His prophetic word before the world, His people start singing “We’re Marching to Zion.” Then, in 1948, a nation appeared on the face of the earth. The appearance of this nation got the world’s attention and to this day the world is distressed that this nation exists. The world applies the majority of its attention to stopping this nation. The nation of Israel is maintained and exists because Yahweh ordains it. It is obvious to the most uninterested observer that Israel is an unusual nation. Israel is completely surrounded by enemies who have over a ten to one advantage. They go to war with Israel from time-to-time. As each war completes, Israel does not get further from establishing their presence on mount Zion but closer. This causes one of two reactions: one of excitement or one of hate and despair. So, what about the word Zion? The world has not been able to defeat Zionism as God demonstrates His plan will not be undone. The churches no longer sing “We’re Marching to Zion” or name their places of worship after Zion. Why, because the world cannot say “Zionist” without adding a nasty superlative: “dirty Zionist”, “lying Zionist”, “imperialistic Zionist”, “Zionist pigs” or “Zionist racist.” These are just a few of the terms spilling out of the mouths and hearts of those who are in the world. This has caused the churches, who do not want to stand in the way of the offence, to stay silent about the plans of their Zionist God, Yahweh, to establish Zion. Indeed, some of the churches have joined with the world to fight against the purposes of Yahweh either overtly or covertly. But, the world fights, and before they fight they rage, and before they rage they hate and if you are standing on Yahweh’s side expect incoming, but stand, for the reward is great. Greater is He with Whom you stand. Those who stand are truly marching to Zion.


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