John L Fisk


This week the Pentagon, and let’s be clear, the Obama Administration,  disinvited Franklin Graham from attending the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service on May 6, 2010. The reason is simply that after 9-11 Franklin Graham stated the truth and said that Islam is evil.   So it is. It is not enough that Islam’s agents have killed thousands of the Americans, attacked our embassies, our military and our way of life.   Rather than fight this evil our Government is blackmailing its own people to bow to the god of Islam and renounce Yahweh the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.    The god of Islam is not God, and I refuse to say he is.   There is but one God and His name is Yahweh.  These truths have been rejected by the United States government.   My government, led by Obama, has said it will not go to war with Islam.   Obama has told the people of the United States that they should respect Islam, the ideology of hate.  The United States as an appeasement to Islam prefers the god of Islam over the God of Christians and Jews.  As of this moment, my government has declared war on Yahweh.   I stand with Yahweh thus I know the government of the United States is at war with me.  Their objective is to have me bow to the god of Islam, the god of death.   My God has not asked me to take arms against the United States but simply to stand with Him.   I know that Franklin Graham stands with Yahweh and the United States is coming against him too.   Islam, with which the United States stands, has long ago declared war on Yahweh.  They will lose this endeavor for it is Yahweh that made the United States a glorious nation.  As the United States shows a preference for Islam and abandoned the God of it fathers, its former glory will fade into the trash heap of history just as Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.   I weep for this nation when I consider that God is just (Thomas Jefferson).


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