May 30, 2010

John L Fisk


The United States was founded by the voices from the people of God, Yahweh.  Fifty-two of the fifty-six signers of the declaration of Independence were orthodox, deeply committed Christians.  Today, however, God’s people are silent.  Silence has become a tradition among Yahweh’s people.  The Government formed at the United State’s birth gradually realized that one day their existence would be threatened by the very same people of God who establish this great nation.  Thus the government has been in a slow but concerted effort to take the political voice from God’s people.   This effort grew teeth when in the 1950’s an unconstitutional law was established to silence the pulpits in the political arena. After this law was established any church which involved themselves in politics could lose their tax except status.  The churches in America dutifully obeyed the unconstitutional law and became silent about political issues.   The law has never been challenged in federal court.  So the unconstitutional law remains.  Pastors have even preached from their muzzled pulpits that churches should be silent on political matters.   They proclaim that the law was and is a “good” law separating church and state.   This terrible law has become a tradition of man that has made ill effect the Word of my God, Yahweh.   The people of God have silenced themselves in the political arena and the United States Government is trying to make this tradition a fait accompli.  The Silence of the Lambs has not done this nation well.  It has made wimps out of pastors and has eroded our precious God given liberties.   Speak-up and take back our Nation.   The Government has become your enemy.   The politicians in America are removing this nation from its Jewish and Christian foundation.  If this course is not reversed we in America will wake-up on a foundation of sand.  Destroyed because we rejected knowledge and because we did not love what Yahweh has given us. Speak up and find your footing on the side of God that this nation may not perish from this earth.


Make a New Declaration of Independence? We Can Just Use the Old One

May 28, 2010

John L Fisk


The Declaration of Independence declares the reasons the United States broke its ties with England. The statement was made that governments are formed among men to protect the God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The implication was that England was not protecting these rights.  So we in America formed a new government. This government is the government that we have today.  This government has evolved to become an enemy of the people.  Governments cannot protect life without providing for the common defense.   You cannot provide for the common defense if you refuse to protect the borders; if you refuse to enforce the law.

Janet Napalitano, the Secretary of Home Land Security, says she will not enforce the law, she is saying: I will not protect life!  I will not protect your liberty.   She is saying to you, the people of Arizona and the United States:  Protect your own life.  We in the federal government are not going to enforce the law thus we are not going to provide for the common defense.  Janet Napalitano has been appointed by Barak Obama who has determined and stated boldly that the rights in the bill of rights are negative rights.  It would follow that Obama believes that life and liberty are negative rights.  Furthermore, rights like health care and housing are to Obama positive rights and he has determined that YOU the tax payer are on the hook to provide government power to distribute these rights to those who have no health care or housing.  The government can then become like god and distribute the wealth and the poor will give honor, praise and thanksgiving to the government.  Obama is trying to establish this state of economic reality; indeed he desires the praise of the people.    Of course the money will be skimmed as the government takes from one to give to another.   Eventually all will be poor and the United States government will be broke and that right soon.  Death of America will come through violence, neglect, and the lack of resources.  Decay of America will be the fruit of Obama’s rule.  The most likely end will be revolution and the death of many.  As long as the likes of Barak Obama are in power, the nation is destined to failure.  We are still a nation of the people and for the people and therefore have chosen our destiny.  Let us pray that our destructive course can be averted at the next opportunity to choose which is November.   Embrace Obama and look to Cuba, it is your destiny America.


May 10, 2010

John L Fisk


Paul in the Letter to the Ephesians said, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”    I have learned that Yahweh’s people have power over spiritual wickedness:  Power to establish and the power to dismantle.  I also know that God uses these powers to bring judgment or blessing to His people.   I have seen spiritual powers in high places like Fascism, Communism and Nazism brought down and vast territories freed from the bondage when they fall.  These institutions were crushed with great spiritual and physical struggle.   Words, prayers and the struggles of God’s people brought down these giant rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness.  The physical struggle was not the reason they fell, it was the prayers and the proclamation of God’s people that brought down these powers. President Reagan’s speech in Berlin said to the powers, “Bring down that wall,” was one of the many factors that let the world witness a great victory over the bondage of communism. It is also Yahweh’s people who will establish the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness.  An example is how Yahweh’s people are establishing Islam in new territories.    Islam is a great spiritual wickedness but those that do not know the difference between the wickedness of Islam and the flesh and blood of the Muslims are establishing Islam in the throne of high places over themselves. They speak tolerance and Islam builds a Mosque at Ground zero. They speak acceptance and sharia law becomes a factor in banking and families. They refuse to go to war with Islam and Islam sends terrorists to the US until we are defeated. CAIR the (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is allowed to sue, intimidate and demand concessions against the American people and the people of God concede to the demands and speak Peace to Islam. Yes, the people of God are bringing down Yahweh’s Judgment upon themselves with these simple actions. They refuse knowledge and thus they are destroyed.