John L Fisk


To win a war you defeat the enemy.  Pretty simple, is it not?   You lose when the enemy defeats you.    If you do not know who the enemy is, your destination is defeat.  The United States will be defeated in the war it now wages because the United States will not name the enemy.

The United States was attacked nine years ago on 9-11-01 and decided to go to war.   Unfortunately, they called it “the war on terror.”   This title made it a war on a tactic.  Terror is a tactic.  It is not an ideology, a country, or a people you can’t win a war on a tactic.   I suspect some very bright souls in the current administration discovered this and came up with a simply brilliant idea to call terror a man-caused disaster.      The term a war on terror is ridiculous enough, without calling it a war on a man-caused disaster.  I’m sure many in the Obama administration said, “No one likes this war.  We named the war wrongly, maybe there was no enemy after all, let’s quit!”   The way this war is being conducted we are going to be defeated!

We DO have an enemy but refuse to recognize that enemy.   That enemy is Islam — plain and simple.    You may remember hearing that Islam is a peaceful religion.  But, I would guess you have concluded otherwise just from the last six terror attacks or attempted attacks on the United States this year.   Islam is neither peaceful nor much of a religion.    Islam has declared war on the US but we refuse to recognize Islam’s ability to wage that war.  The government of the US will not even use the word Jihad when we are attacked.  Jihad is Islam’s tactical weapon a way to wage war.  Islam loves this kind of demonstrated stupidity in its enemies.   That way they can attack with no fear of a targeted response.   Every Islamic attack is followed by someone in government or the press saying.  “Islam is a peaceful religion.”   Talk about self delusion, it speaks into the effectiveness of Mohammad’s statement that war is deceit.   Islam loves this for they have been at war with the United States since 1979 without being identified as the culprit.   The first shots of this war were when the Islamic regime in Iran captured the US embassy in Tehran and held Americans hostage for over a year.   We have suffered many casualties in this war such as the death of 241 American marines in Beruit in 1983.   The Hezbollah was the Iranian front group that perpetrated that jihad attack.  You may or may not know that Hezbollah means the party of the god of Islam.  The war continued to be waged upon the American public, who becoming vaguely aware of battles never seemed to connect the dots.   The Mogadishu rescue mission in 1993 was in the same year of the attack on the World Trade Center which killed six and injured over a thousand.  There would be many more attacks before the 2001 9-11 attack on the world trade center.   It was 1998 that Osama Bin Laden would declare war on the United States but most laughed at the cave dwelling Imam.   There was an attack on an American war ship, the USS Cole and seventeen people were killed.   These attacks that the US suffered were not done by the Russians, the Chinese, nor the Cubans.  No, these attacks were not acts of terror nor where they man-made disasters.   They were acts of war perpetrated on the United States driven by the ideology of Islam.

We are under another attack a few in the United States are realizing that Islam is the enemy.    The Organization of the Islamic communities, OIC is calling on the US  and other western governments to crack down on those who have awaken to the fact that Islam is the enemy. This is brilliant on the part of Islam.  Not only do they attack the United States they get the United States government to attack the defenders of the United States, the few who have come to the realization that Islam is the enemy.   They will constantly remind you that Islam is a peaceful religion.   Islam is calling the ones who have awakened to their evil — racist, racial, xenophobic, intolerant, and islamicphophic — just the ticket to get the Obama administration to crack down on US citizens.   Pakistan, speaking for the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), said the council’s special investigator into religious freedom should look into such racism “especially in Western societies”.    Now isn’t that just the cat’s whiskers, the country that is supporting the Taliban wants to crack down on those who think Islam is the enemy.   Islam certainly has the numbers for that billion-man army, doesn’t it?  Let those that have ears hear!


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