John L Fisk

July 18, 2010

There are many ways that Barak Obama has demonstrated that his support lies squarely with Islam.  The declaration for NASA to “reach out” to the Islamic world is but the latest.  But none of his overtures to Islam have been as destructive to the United States as the two declarations he made in two Islamic Capitols.   The first is that the United States is no longer a Christian Nation.  The second is that the United States is not at war with Islam and never will go to war with Islam.  Within a year of these declarations the United States was attacked on six different occasions by men who were indoctrinated and motivated by Islam.   They attempted to kill as many Americans as they could in their planned attacks.   The web site chronicles the six events:

  1. Islamic agent plotted to set off a car bomb in  Illinois
  2. Islamic agent plotted to blow up a skyscraper in Dallas
  3. Islamic agent attempted to detonate an airplane over Detroit
  4. Islamic agent murdered an army recruiter in Arkansas
  5. Islamic agent planted a car bomb in Times Square
  6. Islamic agent massacred thirteen people in Texas.

Obama’s declaration that the United States will NEVER go to war with Islam means that the United States will not recognize Islam as an enemy until Obama is removed from office and his foolish declarations are revoked.  This problem is manifested in examples like the Pentagon’s report to congress on the Fort Hood incident, number six on the list, which never mentions the words Islam or Islamic.     A state of war exists between the United States and Islam.   Islam is sending their troops to the United States to destroy the United States.  America is destined to be defeated in a war that Islam is waging against it.  That destiny cannot be changed until it recognizes Islam as its enemy and declares war on that enemy.  Selah



  1. Sheilah says:


    This was simply and boldly written. Good job exposing the darkness.


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