Barack Obama Acts and the World No Longer Wonders

John L Fisk


The Islamic nation of Pakistan is tied by India’s intelligence to the Mumbai terrorist attacks which killed many Jews and hundreds of others and  Obama says to India, “Be patient.” The Islamic nation of Iranians goes forward with the development of a nuclear bomb and Obama says, “Iran has every right to pursue nuclear independence.” Forty six or more Christians are killed in an attack on a Christian Church in the Islamic nation of Iraq and Obama’s silence is deafening. The most populous Muslim nation in the world, Indonesian is where Obama offers to reach out to Muslims. Israel plans to build apartments in Jerusalem and Obama says, “The action is troubling.” The Pakistani receives patience, the Iranians are justified, the Iraqis receive silence, the Indonesians are reached out to and Israelis are condemned.  You do not have to be a political analyst to know that the United States and its friends have an enemy in the White House and our enemies have a friend in the same place.  How else would you interpret recent events?


One Response to Barack Obama Acts and the World No Longer Wonders

  1. Les Lawrence says:

    How indeed?!

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