John L Fisk



Many nations of the UN now have in their mind that they will just recognize Palestine as a separate and sovereign power. This would bring forth a new nation on the earth simply by taking it from Israel.  They are drunk with the consumption of oil and laboring under the impression that they can solve the problem of peace in the middle-east.    It seems they are getting weary of the perpetually failed “peace” talks between Israel and the Arabs.   As for the borders of this new country, they will be made out of whole cloth.  They will auto-magically connect Gaza and Judah and Samaria into one homogenous piece of land and while performing this feat of magic Jerusalem would be divided into two cities.  The nations would then wink as the Arabs threw thousands of Israelis out of their homes.   What a plan!  Some of the details of the plan are for the Fatah under Abbas to declare Palestine an independent and sovereign state. The nations of the UN would then vote to recognize the new state on the very same land that they gave to Israel in 1948.   What could go wrong?   What could go wrong, indeed?


Little do the nations know that our God, Yehovah is laughing at their plans and will soon answer them in His wrath.  There is no consideration in the hearts of these nations as to the One they are dealing.   I have a desire to see the culmination of this conflict that is the Prince of Peace established on His Holy mountain.  I pray for the protection and peace of that great city Jerusalem and at the same time I know that the moment is approaching when the Prince of Peace will be established.    The Leader of these nations is satan himself and you are watching with your own eyes the gathering storm.  Consider that these events were chronicled over two-thousand years ago by Hebrew prophets.  Pray that you are hid in the coming days.



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