The Glory and the Socialist

February 13, 2011

John L Fisk



Remember being shown three pictures and being asked to select the one that was different.   It was to teach you how to observe.  I believe the power of observation comes naturally.  Place two 14-month-old babies in a play-pen and give one a cookie and give the other nothing.   It is almost guaranteed that the one with nothing will notice.  The chances are all out war will ensue.   The grabbing and pulling will begin first;   then the screaming and yelling; and then the punching and finally all-out play pen war.  It will not stop until the baby that was giving nothing is given a cookie or one of the babies eats the cookie in victory.  It has been my experience that the former is most often the solution.  At least one parent or caretaker adopts a policy of “what I do for one I must do for another.”  It is from this mentality that a Socialist is born.   A socialist cannot stand for one to have more than another.   It is the cause of all the world’s evils for one to have more than another.  They think all things must be fair and equal.  Furthermore, they will proclaim with a self righteous voice “men should only have enough for their needs.”  A socialist cannot bear to see anyone blessed.   Socialism perceives men as babies always needing their oversight.   God is NOT a socialist!   Yehovah, from whom all blessings flow, often gives to one more than another.   He has so much to impart.  He imparts to some power, to others riches and to yet others strength.    He imparts glory to those that give back to Him and that is His way.   His way is hated by the socialist.   Socialism treats men like babies in a play-pen.   Yehovah does not.   He is a just God, a loving God and He treats men as His kinsman.  He rewards those who love Him.   The Glory of God is made manifest in the contrast.  The contrast between light and darkness is made profound when juxtaposed.   Yehovah, my God, has put before each man liberty and that liberty is given so that he may choose between life and death.  The socialist does not want anyone blessed more than another so liberty is not given to men.  It is Yehovah who gives liberty.  It is men with their ideology who endeavor to remove liberty.  Such is the way of governments under the pretense of socialism.


I rejoice for my God is just and gives blessings, and honor and glory to men and I give Him blessings, and honor and glory.   This is the relationship all men should have with Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.




February 6, 2011

John L Fisk

The downfall of a nations is at hand when the political correct lies generated by its leaders are actually believed by a majority of its people.   One such lie is the infamous statement that, “Islam is a peaceful religion.”   This particular untruth pours out of United States politicians and the complicit press spreads the lie on the airways where it fast becomes a fatal pollutant.

This fact is not lost in this week’s events.    Have you heard that the rioters in Egypt are seeking democracy?    Do you believe it?   Have you heard that Egypt’s current leader, Hosni Mubarak the 30 year ally of the United States, should step down immediately?    Have you noticed that the excited press ran to Egypt to cover the riots thinking they were covering the likes of the Boston Tea Party?  They spread out over Egypt in search of those illusive democrats who wanted to establish justice and a democratic system.    Unfortunately, they found thugs, murderers, kidnappers and the Muslim brotherhood.   Not to be discouraged, the press made every attempt to sanitize and purify the Muslim Brotherhood who spawned the likes of Hamas and Al-Qaida.  Have you heard lately from the press or any of the political pundits that the  Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Anwar Sadat because he entered into a peace treaty with Israel?   I haven’t, but it is true.   I have heard that Barack never-go-to-war-with-Islam Obama is now trying to overtly place the Islamic Brotherhood in power.   The Muslim Brotherhood yearns to go to war with Israel, but what the harm?   The New York Times has a news story dated February 3, 2011 which contains this paragraph:

…The {Obama’s} proposal also calls for the transitional government to invite members from a broad range of opposition groups, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, to begin work to open up the country’s electoral system in an effort to bring about free and fair elections in September, the officials said.

The press is not mentioning that the President of the United States is rejecting an ally and placing an enemy in power.    Would you expect less from a traitor?

Did you know that the likes of Code Pink and Bill Ayers, both darlings of the current administration, are among the rioters in Egypt?   Did you know that they were part of the infamous flotilla that tried to break the Gaza Blockade?    You may not know that Egypt was also blockading Gaza at the time of the incident.    I can assure you Egypt will no longer side with Israel on any issue.

Did you know that my God, Yehovah, will consume them with the brightness of His coming?  I would suggest a slow insightful read of Second Thessalonians 2.