By John L. Fisk

When talking about the culmination of the ages and the return of Yeshua, the question is often asked, “ Where in this biblical prophetic declaration is the United States?   After all, if the end of the age is near, do you not think that the United States would be mentioned, even allegorically?”

Yes, I would unless… and I hesitate to consider — the unless.

The last three years I have seen the Unites States brought to the edge of disaster.   Economic, military, social and moral disaster all coming together as a destructive force leading the United States to position of  insignificance on the world scene.  The abandonment of Yehovah and the profaning of His name are actions which are  bringing the United States to this state of insignificance.     Yehovah is Just and His Judgment will not be stayed forever.   The United States has not repented of its abandonment of righteousness, but has fallen into  a deep abyss by evidence of new laws which codify everything from same sex marriage, to abortion and an economic disaster is knocking at our gates as a besieging army.   We as a nation have come to a point in which there is no turning back.  There are only two choices:  enter into His judgment or be destroyed by His judgment.      The United States has reached that point.     This ignition point has caused many  to say, “My God would not do such a thing as judge a nation.  My God is love and judgment is not in Him.”   I say to you: you do not know God.    God has certainly left our schools, courts and market places and He has sent strange people with strange gods into these places where He once was.   Our God does judge His people when they reject Him and profane His name.   Stay tuned for the rest of the story.



  1. Raymond Carpenter says:

    John, I remember viewing an article on the Council of Laodicea. My mother is in town and I would like her to view it. Ray Carpenter

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