John L Fisk


Obama decided last week that it was in the security interest of the United States to send troops to central Africa to fight against a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).   The press is now reporting that this “Christian” fringe group of about 10 to 15 hundred operating from Southern Sudan,   is going around raping, killing and slave trading, and their nefarious activity has suddenly become a threat to the United States security.    I had not heard of the LRA until last week.   But, I have heard of Omar Hassan al-Bashr, he is the convicted international criminal  who has murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians in southern Sudan.   Is it not curious,  that it is not in the United States’ interest to send troops to overthrow Omar Hassan Al-Bashr?

Then there’s the Muslim Brotherhood, the sponsor of Hamas and other infamous Muslim terrorist groups.  They are poised to take over Egypt in November.  The Egyptian army killed scores of Coptic Christians Last week in apparent attempt to please the Muslim Brotherhood.  They killed a few Christians by running them over with US made tanks.  This  should have made the front page of the NY Times, but it did not.   The US media reported very little on the event.  The United States not only did not see fit to condemn the act but is continuing aid to Egypt.   Is it not curious how the 1500 strong LRA looms as a bigger threat than the millions in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?

The Obama administration must have heard of the al-Shabaab, a Muslim terrorist group tied to al-Qaeda.  They have been sponsoring raids on shipping, including US shipping, along the horn of Africa.  This week the al-Shabaab have kidnapped  aid workers from refugee camps in Kenya  who were helping the Somali famine victims.  They were in Kenya to escape the al-Shabaab.   What a curiosity that the LRA is considered more of a threat to the United States than the al-Shabaab.

Then there is the Hezbollah, an Iranian linked Muslim group who are mustering forces in Mexico, joining with drug cartels to attack US interests in the United States.    This is the same group that attacked US Marines in Lebanon in the early 1980’s, killing scores of US Marines.  Last week the Obama administration, in what appears to be a “wag the dog” moment, revealed the plot where Iranian agents were going to attack interests in the United States.   This was just about the time he announced  the sending of troops to central Africa to counter the LRA.  I suspect that the announcement about the action of the Iranian agents from Mexico was a political necessity given the heat the administration was getting on “Fast and Furious.”  The action seemed to work for the US press dutifully amplified attorney General Holder’s announcement on this account over the scandal of “Fast and Furious.” Curious, how the LRA in central Africa is more of a threat than the Hezbollah mustering on the United States border.

One more thing, the LRA has other enemies.  They are the Muslim terrorist groups mentioned above.   Curious, is it not?   How different would the actions of Barack Hussein Obama be if he were a Muslim, allied with our terrorist enemies?   How different would his actions be if Barack Hussein Obama were a traitor trying to undermine the security of the United States?   Curious.


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