November 6, 2011

John L Fisk

Obama’s Arab spring blossomed into a glorious sweet smelling nirvana cesspool.   Egypt shed itself of Mubarak and gave itself over to Islam and the fruit of blossoms: Coptic Christian being killed, Jews being jailed and war being threatened with Israel.  Tunis, the initial bud of this Arab spring was reported to flower into a model of capitalism and Jeffersonian liberty.   The fruit is the oppression of sharia law.  The warmth of this spring broke out as a war in Libya.   Obama, NATO and the US press said Libya would go from a terrorist state into a bastion of freedom and security, that is, as–soon-as those nasty anti-aircraft missiles can be found.    Now the warmth of the Arab spring has gone skipping and tripping into Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Yemen and Saudi Arabia and many other countries where freedom loving idealistic Islamic terrorist live.   Ten of thousand have died and many more must before the great “Pure” Islamic kingdom comes to full fruit.   The perfection of the final solution has not been realized, the slaughter of both Christians and Jews will continue until the goal is reached.    When all the Islamic states melt together into one pure great Islamic nation the world will be close to perfect.  Christians and Jews will have been totally wiped-out, converted or subjected, the Islamic kingdom, will be here for all to smell.  Oppression and tyranny will be common. Yes, Obama’s Arab spring will have come to full fruit – right before your eyes noses.   Now that Kaddafi is dead and al Qaeda’s flag flies over the city hall in Benghazi.    Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State, is making a victory tour of Libya.  (You can’t make this up.) Can you imagine what this administration will do when the Muslim Caliphate comes to power over the kingdom of Islam?   Why, nirvana and victory would be proclaimed in the halls of government through out Washington and you will be Islamic, dead or subjected.  Glorious days will be proclaimed and death to those who do not celebrate the oppression.   But, there is always the possibility that you may wake-up and choose to stand for your God given liberty and freedom.  You may even choose Yehovah over the god of Islam.  Imagine!  Yes, imagine, for you have the God given choice as to what Kingdom you may enter:  the Kingdom of God or the kingdom of darkness.  You do not have to exercise your choice but that just mean you will stay where the enemy (Islam) places you.    Yehovah suggests you choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19).  So do I.