I have come to the parting of the way

I, as I am sure many others are, disappointed in the Presidential election.   The loss of rights and freedom of the American people has become a forgone conclusion.   For the first time in my life I do not have confidence in the ability of the United States to defend me and my family.  The will of the Commander in Chief to defend even an American ambassador is in question.   Why would anyone think that such a man would defend any American?   Now, after the tyrannical course of this nation has been set, each American has a choice and that to fight or capitulate.

We who call ourselves servants of Yehovah or Christians and Americans have a split loyalty.   The loyalty is between our God and our country.  I did not find this a problem when I was in the military, but that was before the military was required to accept homosexuality as a norm.  It was when chaplains in the military could pray in the name of Jesus.   Yes, when I could give loyalty to both my country and to the Lamb was before I had to use my money and resources to  enable others to kill babies.   It was a time when I could speak about the evils of the God of Islam without fear of government recourse or government persecution. When I could pledge allegiance in truth, NASA was an agency that promoted the exploration of space and not the Muslim culture.  I could pledge allegiance to the flag and republic of the United States and found no conflict with pledging my allegiance to the Lamb but alas this is no longer true.    I have come to the parting of the ways with my loyalty to the United States and my loyalty to my God.   This means that I will not pledge any allegiance to this country nor its flag, for the course the United States has chosen is a straight line to the pits of hell.  I refuse to ride in that cart! I do not know what course others may take but as for me and my house we will serve Yehovah.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb!

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb with all my strength, with all I am.  I will seek to honor His commands,  I pledge allegiance to the Lamb.


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