The Enemy is at the Gates

September 14, 2015

Back in April 2015 Islamist under the factional banner of ISIS beheaded twenty Christians on a beach in Libya.   ISIS, referred to as the JV-team by the erudite United States President, claimed that they were going to invade Europe.   The JV-Islamist even detailed the tactics that were going to be used.   They were simply going to flood Europe with refugees, and mingle terrorist among them.   European leaders mocked and ridiculed and promoted the thought that terror would never come to their cities.  A Roman news paper advised them not to come during the rush hour for the traffic would most certainly hold them up.  Seven months later the Muslim immigrants are invading Europe by the tens of thousands even by-passing the 500,000 ISIS promised to send.    Anyone would think that European leaders of the free about-to-be-enslaved world would take notice.  But no, these leaders believe their own rhetoric and think that these refugees are fleeing war torn Syria, forgetting about the refugees coming from places like Libya, Tunis, and Algeria and they don’t seem to notice how Christians are being killed en-mass when they try to leave with the Islamic hoard.      The assault on Europe is about to turn into an attacks on European capitals the likes of which has not been seen since World War II.  You may want to consider that this is also a crisis in the United States … How’s your Arabic?

The Vatican, a small city state surrounded by a wall has been ordered by the Pope to take in two immigrant families. You cannot make this up, the Pope is taking in people with the very ideology that is killing Christians by the thousands.   Followers of this ideology have sworn to kill the Pope and destroy the Vatican.   If the Pope cannot recognize an anti-Christ spirit, how would you anyone suppose the other European leaders to recognize the evil?    Come soon LORD Jesus.