The Process of Radicalization

April 12, 2015

Watching Media’s talking heads being perplexed, confused, and bewildered about the “radicalization process” of terrorists is both humorous and sad.  In today’s world the “process” to radicalization is simply to teach someone, anyone, a child, a teenager or an old blind man to embrace the true tenants of the Islamic faith. The “radicalized” will then take the most opportune time to kill you, simply because you are an infidel.  The word radicalization has entered the list of politically correct words because words such as  Islamist, Islamic-terrorist, Jihadist, Muslim radicals and Islam-O-Nazis have been expunged.  The past terrorist attacks and attempted attacks have come from confirmed Islamic-terrorists and the United States government has used propaganda under the guises of politically correct speech to convince many that Islam is not a factor.  None is as infamous as the Fort Hood shooting being labeled a work-place accident.   If your intelligence is not insulted and assaulted by the United States Government calling an attack on a military installation where the attacker shoots scores of people while shouting allah-u-akbar, a work place accident then you are either a sycophant supporter of Barak Hussein Obama or a radical Islamist.  The United States Government is saying to you, the American citizen, when it comes to Islam, your government is not going to defend you.    You, who were supposed to be defended from the enemies of the freedom, are on your own for the United States Government is not at war with Islam and it will never go to war with Islam.    Indeed, the United States Government is allied with Islam and would likely defame you if you spoke against Islam.   This my fellow American is the legacy of Barak Hussein Obama going to the capitals of two Islamic nations and saying to them that the United States is not at war with Islam and will never be at war with Islam.   Well, I am one American citizen that knows Islam is my enemy and is out to destroy me and my freedom and yes, all of America!   Because America will not stand with me, I have chosen to stand with Yehovah.  Islam is an enemy of Yehovah and Yehovah will defend any righteous who identifies with Him and His name.  His name, Yehovah, is a High Tower and in it I will be safe.  What are you going to do?


The Enemy’s Justification for Jihad

February 17, 2015


There is one truth that is foundational which is simply that Satan is a liar and Jesus Christ is the truth. The President of the United States at the prayer breakfast in February 2015 said that Christians have had their history of terror and killed indiscriminately in the name of Christ.   Obama went on to sight the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Jim Crow laws of the early 1900s as proof positive that Christians had a sordid past and we Christians are thus to have more understanding about the indiscriminate murder of innocents committed by radical Islamists. The network talking heads took to the air-ways to proclaim their side of Obama’s attempt at using events a thousand years past to shame Christians. Those who want to defame you and your God claimed, “Yes, in the name of Christ, Christians condoned slavery” and thus are responsible for or contributed to the Jim Crow laws. As I place my foot in the stir-up of my high horse I must point out that it was Charles Wilberforce a Christian who was largely responsible for the abolishment of slavery in England. Muslims never, ever tried to abolish slavery. Muslims enslave people and carry on a slave trade to this day.   The view from my high horse can be breath-taking.

The major objective of the enemy is to defame the name of God, His Messiah and His people. Thus Obama and many of his agenda-driven talking heads defamed the name of Christ with what one should expect from an enemy of God.   The idea that the scriptures or God’s Spirit directed Christians to behead innocents and burned innocents alive in the name of Christ is simply untrue.   But this was the implication that Obama was making at the prayer breakfast.   He was not only defaming Christians, but Christ also.   Obama would never say that Muslims were killing in the name of Mohammad.   No, No, No for as Obama said at the United Nations in 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  Obama knows his demonic masters and would never defame them.

There is nothing evil that is not condemned by the Scriptures or the Spirit of Yehovah. There are Islamic scriptures and there is a spirit of Islam and both are evil and a total contradiction to the Christian Scriptures.   The book of Revelation speaks of a time when the world would blaspheme the Name of God, His dwelling place and His people [Revelation 13.6; 16.9].   We are in that time.   Stand up for His Name, defend His Name and know His Name. His Name is Yehovah and His Son’s Name is Yeshua. But, it seems that the President of the United States does not know this but he is in the enemy’s camp doing his bidding.

John L Fisk

The Feckless President

September 14, 2012

John L Fisk

President Obama’s administration used America’s Military to save the lives of Libyans in Libya.   The same President, who ripped Libya from Gaddafi and gave it to the Islamic militants, is faced with the Islamic militants killing Americans.    What does our President do when faced with the death of an American in an act of war?    He’s off to a fund raiser in Las Vegas.  Obama delays his trip by one hour to blame the killings and riots on the likes of Terry Jones, the Koran burning Preacher in Florida.    Obama is a traitor to America and America’s Constitution.    The truth of this statement is underscored by the inaction by the administration in the face of creditable warnings that came to the United States intelligence community days before the actual attacks.   The President for his part had not attended an intelligence briefing for over a week.  His time filled with golf courses and fund raisers which so prioritized his schedule  does not allow him time for a conference with the Prime Minister of Israel on an upcoming war.    Lowering that handy cap is far more important.  What a feckless treasonous President we have!

Consider the following scripture:

II Thessalonians  2: 10 – 12 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

There is little reason not to believe that the whole world is laboring with lies.   Here are but a few put out by presidents:

(1) George Bush said, “god of Islam is God.”

(2)  George Bush also said, “Islam is a Peaceful religion.”

(3)  Obama and many media pundits have said, Islam is a great religion.

(4) Obama said we must respect the religion of Islam.

II Thessalonians is unfolding before the Christian and many in the Christian community are being turned over to the lie:  This so that the righteous may shine forth and the unrighteous may take a position of eternal shame.    Selah


October 17, 2011

John L Fisk


Obama decided last week that it was in the security interest of the United States to send troops to central Africa to fight against a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).   The press is now reporting that this “Christian” fringe group of about 10 to 15 hundred operating from Southern Sudan,   is going around raping, killing and slave trading, and their nefarious activity has suddenly become a threat to the United States security.    I had not heard of the LRA until last week.   But, I have heard of Omar Hassan al-Bashr, he is the convicted international criminal  who has murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians in southern Sudan.   Is it not curious,  that it is not in the United States’ interest to send troops to overthrow Omar Hassan Al-Bashr?

Then there’s the Muslim Brotherhood, the sponsor of Hamas and other infamous Muslim terrorist groups.  They are poised to take over Egypt in November.  The Egyptian army killed scores of Coptic Christians Last week in apparent attempt to please the Muslim Brotherhood.  They killed a few Christians by running them over with US made tanks.  This  should have made the front page of the NY Times, but it did not.   The US media reported very little on the event.  The United States not only did not see fit to condemn the act but is continuing aid to Egypt.   Is it not curious how the 1500 strong LRA looms as a bigger threat than the millions in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?

The Obama administration must have heard of the al-Shabaab, a Muslim terrorist group tied to al-Qaeda.  They have been sponsoring raids on shipping, including US shipping, along the horn of Africa.  This week the al-Shabaab have kidnapped  aid workers from refugee camps in Kenya  who were helping the Somali famine victims.  They were in Kenya to escape the al-Shabaab.   What a curiosity that the LRA is considered more of a threat to the United States than the al-Shabaab.

Then there is the Hezbollah, an Iranian linked Muslim group who are mustering forces in Mexico, joining with drug cartels to attack US interests in the United States.    This is the same group that attacked US Marines in Lebanon in the early 1980’s, killing scores of US Marines.  Last week the Obama administration, in what appears to be a “wag the dog” moment, revealed the plot where Iranian agents were going to attack interests in the United States.   This was just about the time he announced  the sending of troops to central Africa to counter the LRA.  I suspect that the announcement about the action of the Iranian agents from Mexico was a political necessity given the heat the administration was getting on “Fast and Furious.”  The action seemed to work for the US press dutifully amplified attorney General Holder’s announcement on this account over the scandal of “Fast and Furious.” Curious, how the LRA in central Africa is more of a threat than the Hezbollah mustering on the United States border.

One more thing, the LRA has other enemies.  They are the Muslim terrorist groups mentioned above.   Curious, is it not?   How different would the actions of Barack Hussein Obama be if he were a Muslim, allied with our terrorist enemies?   How different would his actions be if Barack Hussein Obama were a traitor trying to undermine the security of the United States?   Curious.


September 1, 2011

By John L. Fisk

When talking about the culmination of the ages and the return of Yeshua, the question is often asked, “ Where in this biblical prophetic declaration is the United States?   After all, if the end of the age is near, do you not think that the United States would be mentioned, even allegorically?”

Yes, I would unless… and I hesitate to consider — the unless.

The last three years I have seen the Unites States brought to the edge of disaster.   Economic, military, social and moral disaster all coming together as a destructive force leading the United States to position of  insignificance on the world scene.  The abandonment of Yehovah and the profaning of His name are actions which are  bringing the United States to this state of insignificance.     Yehovah is Just and His Judgment will not be stayed forever.   The United States has not repented of its abandonment of righteousness, but has fallen into  a deep abyss by evidence of new laws which codify everything from same sex marriage, to abortion and an economic disaster is knocking at our gates as a besieging army.   We as a nation have come to a point in which there is no turning back.  There are only two choices:  enter into His judgment or be destroyed by His judgment.      The United States has reached that point.     This ignition point has caused many  to say, “My God would not do such a thing as judge a nation.  My God is love and judgment is not in Him.”   I say to you: you do not know God.    God has certainly left our schools, courts and market places and He has sent strange people with strange gods into these places where He once was.   Our God does judge His people when they reject Him and profane His name.   Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Barack Obama Acts and the World No Longer Wonders

November 16, 2010

John L Fisk


The Islamic nation of Pakistan is tied by India’s intelligence to the Mumbai terrorist attacks which killed many Jews and hundreds of others and  Obama says to India, “Be patient.” The Islamic nation of Iranians goes forward with the development of a nuclear bomb and Obama says, “Iran has every right to pursue nuclear independence.” Forty six or more Christians are killed in an attack on a Christian Church in the Islamic nation of Iraq and Obama’s silence is deafening. The most populous Muslim nation in the world, Indonesian is where Obama offers to reach out to Muslims. Israel plans to build apartments in Jerusalem and Obama says, “The action is troubling.” The Pakistani receives patience, the Iranians are justified, the Iraqis receive silence, the Indonesians are reached out to and Israelis are condemned.  You do not have to be a political analyst to know that the United States and its friends have an enemy in the White House and our enemies have a friend in the same place.  How else would you interpret recent events?

Lion’s Den: Crisis in Turkey

March 9, 2010

Jerusalem Post

The arrest and indictment of top military figures in Turkey last week precipitated potentially the most severe crisis since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the republic in 1923. The weeks ahead will probably indicate whether the country continues its slide toward Islamism or reverts to its traditional secularism. The denouement has major implications for Muslims everywhere.

Turkey’s military has long been both the state’s most trusted institution and the guarantor of Atatürk’s legacy, especially his laicism. Devotion to the founder is not some dry abstraction but a very real and central part of a Turkish officer’s life; as journalist Mehmet Ali Birand has documented, cadet-officers hardly go an hour without hearing Atatürk’s name invoked.

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