What Peaceful Ideology Might that Be Mr. President!

February 27, 2015

The President of the United States, you know the one, the one who insults those who follow Christ as those who have condoned the atrocities of the crusades.   The president who says the Holy Bible is full of violence and therefore implies Christianity is violent.   The president who points at the Branch Davidian as an example of how Christianity is very violent or that Timothy McAfee was a Christian Terrorist.   The Branch Dravidian never attracted anyone and Timothy McAfee was not a Christian.   This however does not seem to mitigate the President’s attack on Christianity.   Facts are simply not Obama’s long suit.   The truth is far from him.      To my knowledge Obama has never said that Christianity is a peaceful religion.   While the “peaceful religion” mantra predicates  or trails even a whisper of the word “Islam.”    He points out condescendingly   how Christians have killed in the name of Christ but forbids, even the slightest mention that Muslims kill in the name of Mohammad.   Saying anyone who would slander the prophet of Islam has no future.   If it was not for duplicity Obama would have no position at all.   He is to me an enemy of Christians and Jews. Whether he is a Muslim or not,  I cannot say.   I know he is a liar and he is an enemy of Christians and Jews.   He is a traitor to the people of the United States and He is setting all government agencies to that end.