The Capitulating Church

May 15, 2015

Sunday night, May 3, 2015, there was a terror attack in Garland Texas. The attack was on an event put together by Pamela Geller, an outspoken Jewish Zionist. The event was to draw Mohammad in a cartoon. The effort was to ridicule Mohammad, his ideas, his murderous ways, his perversion, and his evil life. The event was a contest with a ten thousand dollar prize for the best cartoon. A cartoon of Mohammad is an easy task for the satirical ground is rich.

However, the followers of Islam would line-up for the honor to kill anyone who had blasphemed Mohammad. Many know this. Two such Muslims zipped out of Arizona and drove across Texas to attempt this very feat. In most Islamic countries Pamela Geller would be flogged, jailed or executed for the Sharia punishment for blaspheming Mohammad is death. Not only did Pamela deserve death in the eyes of these Islamic avengers but everyone in the event deserved death and the two Muslims from Arizona were fully aware of Islamic law and were just the ones to carry out the executions. The motive of the terrorist has been lost on the press for this is not the ideology of a radical Islamist; this is the ideology of Islam. The main line press does not want to point it out or even investigate it for they are afraid of the truth. Furthermore, the truth does not fit their narrative.

The Koran is something like Mein Kampf, it is the ramblings of a mad man named Mohammad.   The Koran has something else in common with Mein Kampf: the ideology of both books will motivate those who follow that ideology to kill.   The Koran is put together with a few other books about the life and times of Mohammad to compose a code, a set of laws, called Sharia which Muslims desire to impose on the entire world.     These laws are intended to subject all who do not convert to Islam with oppression and eventually death. This code was being followed by the two adventurous terrorists from Arizona but they ran into resistance and were shot dead by a security Guard.

Another thing about the teaching of Islam, it teaches Muslims to lie, especially if they are in the minority. Such is the case with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), They lie, deceive and plot to carry out an object to kill all who would blaspheme Mohammad while at the same time saying they are peaceful. Unfortunately, most Americans continue to be deceived.  They have been brain washed with the mantra that says, “Islam is a peaceful religion.” Here’s the truth: Islam is a cult of death!

The deception is so deep and wide that even many in the Church have chosen to capitulate to Islam which of course is an eventual death sentence. They do not resist Islam but rather open their churches for the worship of the god of Islam. The god of Islam is worshiped freely just as Ezekiel found the abominable heathen god Tammuz in the temple as recorded in Ezekiel 8:13-14.   Even those who don’t allow this abomination in the Church will not criticize Mohammad, nor the ideology of Islam for fear of offending a Muslim, saying that they can win them to Christ with kindness. What nonsense! I believe the motives are self-righteousness and fear, but the excuse is that they want to “love” the Muslim to Christ.   They do not know that the doctrine in Islam that says God has no son nor does he need a son is quintessentially anti-Christ. (I John 2:22)   (Surah 2:115-116; 4:157; 9:30; 10:68-69) Even after this conversion there are some who call those they think converted their brother Muslims. The deception is deep and wide like the song that was sung in the past about the love of Yehovah, Our God.    How do I know this?   I know it because the church has not been critical of Islam but they have been critical of Pamela Geller.   They have called her everything but a Muslim. They criticized her for pointing out the evils of Islam.   “Why, she provoked them”, they are saying, “She deserves what she gets. It was just a stupid stunt.”  Some have even said it was unfortunate that the terrorist did not succeed.   She was not only attacked by the Church but by the Media, the culture, the US Government and Islam.    I pray that she shrugs off the rejection that would have caused the best of them to quit and go home. She is truly an intrepid solder in the fight of a rudimentary evil called Islam.     There is a day and that day is short to come when the evilness of Islam will be most apparent.   And those who have criticized Pamela and her efforts will repent in sack cloth and ashes or be buried in the oncoming war with Islam.

This is not to say that the evangelical effort to convert a Muslim should not continue,   knowing, however that once a Muslim accepts Christ they are no longer a Muslim.   Furthermore, there is an instant death sentence placed on their head by Sharia law. Those who do not know this cannot make a logical judgment,   I have heard that the Bishop of Bagdad counseled some Muslim about the repercussions of making a decision for Christ and being baptized and some who were counseled were killed before a week lapsed.   This is serious and it is no time to take it out on the ones who are placing their selves in harm’s way for the sake of your liberty.


Obama’s Voice of Tyranny at the UN: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” The Future Must Not Belong to Obama. (Psalm 109:8)

October 1, 2012

It has become apparent that free speech is under assault in the United States.   Over two years ago a commanding General of the United States Army, David H. Petraeus, called a citizen of the United States and asked him not to burn a Koran for this would endanger troops in the field.  You cannot make this up.   The General and each troop under his command had taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  And yet this man’s constitutional rights were about to become subordinate to Islamic Sharia law!    The first amendment to the constitution is an assurance to the people of the United States that when we speak out that we would not be arrested and furthermore, all the protection of the law would be afforded us to insure our God given rights and to ensure safety.  The US government has passed laws such as the civil rights act of 1964 which would prevent anyone, any group or government from denying me, or any citizen their civil rights under this constitution. But, the United States is not protecting the rights of those who speak out against tyranny; they are rather siding with the tyrants.   General Petraeus was saying in essence: Our troops may get killed if you exercise your constitutional right to protest against tyranny.  So, do not exercise your constitutional right. When this US citizen would not submit to the Generals request, the request became a threat. The United States Government officials all the way up to the Secretary of State began to defame him, and call him all sorts of names. They were intent on keeping him silent.  Thus, the United States said to Terry Jones, a pastor of a small congregation in Florida, who then became the man in the cross hairs: You have no freedom of speech.  If you speak out, it will cost you, for you are saying things that are offensive.

The story of Terry Jones is one of a man who is being demonized, persecuted and slandered by the United States Government and by the current Obama administration. He is being called a hate monger, Islamaphobic, a radical terrorist, a despicable man, and a crackpot Florida pastor and far worse by the United States Government and their adoring Media. The media and the government got together and stated that Terry Jones was the cause of all the unrest exemplified by a marching army of offended Muslems around the world.    He provoked them to a frenzy and this frenzy has cause many deaths.   Therefore, it is Terry Jones who is causing all the deaths.  Even Lindsey Graham said of the Terry Jones incident, “It is unfortunate we have freedom of speech.”   We have a marching army of ignorant politicians and they are ready to concede your liberties and freedom to win the war on terror!

Obama has declared in eloquent speeches, in two Islamic capitals that the United States would never go to war with Islam.   This, however, did not prevent Islam from declaring war on the United States.  See here, here and here.  If the truth be known, what you are now observing around the world is Islam waging war on the United States and their allies.   The Islamic states are organized into a group called the OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation). This war has an initial objective and that objective is to take the freedom of speech from the United States citizen.    This and other objectives of Islam are listed on the OIC website. Look at their requests and consider what this administration has done to line up with these requests.  This is nothing more than the United States surrendering to the Islamic world.

The President of the United States said in a speech before the UN and I quote, “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.   Slander in Islam is no less slander if it is the truth.   Truth is a defense of slander in this country. So, as a statement of truth and in defiance of this President and his treasonous administration, I proclaim:  The prophet of Islam is a murderous, lying, thieving pervert and the koran will teach you to be just like him!