The Cost of Worship

July 7, 2015

The cost of worship just went up in America. Just in case you had not noticed the cost of worship is different in different places.   For example, to stand for Yehovah, my God in Iran could cost a torturous stint in prison or it may cost you your life. Up until a few years ago to stand for Yehovah in the United States was to bear an occasional criticism from an ignorant soul. This is no longer so.   The United States Government and its current leaders have chosen to increase the price of worshiping Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The US Government raised the price of worship to a stiff fine or even a stint in jail. The United States government is honoring a person’s sexual preference over the commandments of Yehovah.   Yes, the cost of worship has increased.

The United States was birthed for the expressed purpose of protecting God given rights.   This purpose was recognized in the Declaration of Independences and the protected rights were itemized in the first ten amendments to the Constitution.   But the Supreme Court of the United States broke that covenant with the American People.   Again it seems that the Declaration of Independence declares the action that the people in the United States, who worship Yehovah, must take.   This action is to dissolve the United States Government for it no longer protects our God given rights of life and liberty. Yes, the cost of worshiping Yehovah has increased but I know where I stand and I, as many will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and we do not love their life more than they love Yehovah.



The Process of Radicalization

April 12, 2015

Watching Media’s talking heads being perplexed, confused, and bewildered about the “radicalization process” of terrorists is both humorous and sad.  In today’s world the “process” to radicalization is simply to teach someone, anyone, a child, a teenager or an old blind man to embrace the true tenants of the Islamic faith. The “radicalized” will then take the most opportune time to kill you, simply because you are an infidel.  The word radicalization has entered the list of politically correct words because words such as  Islamist, Islamic-terrorist, Jihadist, Muslim radicals and Islam-O-Nazis have been expunged.  The past terrorist attacks and attempted attacks have come from confirmed Islamic-terrorists and the United States government has used propaganda under the guises of politically correct speech to convince many that Islam is not a factor.  None is as infamous as the Fort Hood shooting being labeled a work-place accident.   If your intelligence is not insulted and assaulted by the United States Government calling an attack on a military installation where the attacker shoots scores of people while shouting allah-u-akbar, a work place accident then you are either a sycophant supporter of Barak Hussein Obama or a radical Islamist.  The United States Government is saying to you, the American citizen, when it comes to Islam, your government is not going to defend you.    You, who were supposed to be defended from the enemies of the freedom, are on your own for the United States Government is not at war with Islam and it will never go to war with Islam.    Indeed, the United States Government is allied with Islam and would likely defame you if you spoke against Islam.   This my fellow American is the legacy of Barak Hussein Obama going to the capitals of two Islamic nations and saying to them that the United States is not at war with Islam and will never be at war with Islam.   Well, I am one American citizen that knows Islam is my enemy and is out to destroy me and my freedom and yes, all of America!   Because America will not stand with me, I have chosen to stand with Yehovah.  Islam is an enemy of Yehovah and Yehovah will defend any righteous who identifies with Him and His name.  His name, Yehovah, is a High Tower and in it I will be safe.  What are you going to do?

What Peaceful Ideology Might that Be Mr. President!

February 27, 2015

The President of the United States, you know the one, the one who insults those who follow Christ as those who have condoned the atrocities of the crusades.   The president who says the Holy Bible is full of violence and therefore implies Christianity is violent.   The president who points at the Branch Davidian as an example of how Christianity is very violent or that Timothy McAfee was a Christian Terrorist.   The Branch Dravidian never attracted anyone and Timothy McAfee was not a Christian.   This however does not seem to mitigate the President’s attack on Christianity.   Facts are simply not Obama’s long suit.   The truth is far from him.      To my knowledge Obama has never said that Christianity is a peaceful religion.   While the “peaceful religion” mantra predicates  or trails even a whisper of the word “Islam.”    He points out condescendingly   how Christians have killed in the name of Christ but forbids, even the slightest mention that Muslims kill in the name of Mohammad.   Saying anyone who would slander the prophet of Islam has no future.   If it was not for duplicity Obama would have no position at all.   He is to me an enemy of Christians and Jews. Whether he is a Muslim or not,  I cannot say.   I know he is a liar and he is an enemy of Christians and Jews.   He is a traitor to the people of the United States and He is setting all government agencies to that end.

The Enemy’s Justification for Jihad

February 17, 2015


There is one truth that is foundational which is simply that Satan is a liar and Jesus Christ is the truth. The President of the United States at the prayer breakfast in February 2015 said that Christians have had their history of terror and killed indiscriminately in the name of Christ.   Obama went on to sight the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Jim Crow laws of the early 1900s as proof positive that Christians had a sordid past and we Christians are thus to have more understanding about the indiscriminate murder of innocents committed by radical Islamists. The network talking heads took to the air-ways to proclaim their side of Obama’s attempt at using events a thousand years past to shame Christians. Those who want to defame you and your God claimed, “Yes, in the name of Christ, Christians condoned slavery” and thus are responsible for or contributed to the Jim Crow laws. As I place my foot in the stir-up of my high horse I must point out that it was Charles Wilberforce a Christian who was largely responsible for the abolishment of slavery in England. Muslims never, ever tried to abolish slavery. Muslims enslave people and carry on a slave trade to this day.   The view from my high horse can be breath-taking.

The major objective of the enemy is to defame the name of God, His Messiah and His people. Thus Obama and many of his agenda-driven talking heads defamed the name of Christ with what one should expect from an enemy of God.   The idea that the scriptures or God’s Spirit directed Christians to behead innocents and burned innocents alive in the name of Christ is simply untrue.   But this was the implication that Obama was making at the prayer breakfast.   He was not only defaming Christians, but Christ also.   Obama would never say that Muslims were killing in the name of Mohammad.   No, No, No for as Obama said at the United Nations in 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  Obama knows his demonic masters and would never defame them.

There is nothing evil that is not condemned by the Scriptures or the Spirit of Yehovah. There are Islamic scriptures and there is a spirit of Islam and both are evil and a total contradiction to the Christian Scriptures.   The book of Revelation speaks of a time when the world would blaspheme the Name of God, His dwelling place and His people [Revelation 13.6; 16.9].   We are in that time.   Stand up for His Name, defend His Name and know His Name. His Name is Yehovah and His Son’s Name is Yeshua. But, it seems that the President of the United States does not know this but he is in the enemy’s camp doing his bidding.

John L Fisk

Reflection on the Election by a Veteran

November 11, 2012

Many Americans who consider themselves servants of Yehovah have become distressed by the events of the last four years.   The fact that the American people have decided to stay the course which will obviously end in the destruction of the founding principles of these United States is disconcerting at best.  When Obama said he was going to fundamentally “change” the United States, few imagined that this statement meant that the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were at stake.     However, after four years of change the first, fifth and tenth amendments have suffered fatal blows causing the lines in these amendments to be misunderstood ramblings destined to a dusty museum.    The US government has become an oppressor of human rights led by a bevy of tyrants.    You may think this is an overstatement, an alarmist position.   But, ponder for a moment what has made the United States the greatest nation on the face of the earth in all of human history.   The United States is the first nation founded on individual liberty and freedom.  It worked so well we, in the United States shared, these principles with the people of the world and where those principals were adopted the people prospered.    In the pass when tyrants rose to threaten our liberties the United States government rose to the occasion to protect them.  Why this was declared to be the very purpose of government in the Declaration of Independence.   We the people of the United States joined in the effort and many paid the ultimate cost.   After four years of oppression the American people voted a tyrant into office for a second time choosing to get their blessings from government rather than God.    I say to you now that I will fight this concept with every fiber that is within me.    Governments are not the source of liberty.  Governments simply take liberty from individuals and tyranny is the evil that remains.  Freedom is a state of being which only exists in those who say their source is Yehovah any who say otherwise are in bondage.     Those not willing to fight to preserve the blessings of liberty are as Esau who gave his blessed birthright away for a bowl of pottage.  To those I say bon-appetite’.

But, to those that are ready to stand know this: You are standing against the government and not the people of the United States.  The ones who stand behind the government are principalities and powers in high places.    If the government takes your liberty and freedom they are performing attempted robbery of a precious gift from Yehovah.  You still have your freedom and liberty it is simply going to cost you more to keep them.   It may even cost you your life.    Stand and petition the throne for that great gift that Yehovah has given you.   A gift He gives to you so you may show Him love.     Stand before Yehovah  and repent for the apathy and ignorance that has brought this great nation to this point and pray, “Yehovah, I repent for myself and those who have cavalierly considered your great gift worthless.   I praise Your name, Yehovah, for you have given us the liberty to choose You.  I curse in the name of Your son Yeshua any attempt to take that liberty away.   I thank you for Your great salvation and praise you for all blessings which come through Your Messiah and my coming King, Yeshua.  May all Glory and Dominion go to Him who loved me and washed me from my sins in Your own blood.   I curse any attempt to redefine my country and remove from its foundation Your gift of liberty.  Arise and have mercy on the people of this nation that we may be restored in Your judgment.   Remember the righteous ones who were allowed to burn bright in your glory because of the grace You shed on this nation.  Let not their memory and their legacy be for naught.   Your grace has been made evident in this nation.  Spread Your grace and mercy over those who call upon Your name.   Forget not your promise to restore the joy of my salvation that I and all who call on Your name may be established forever and ever in your Kingdom.   As always Father it is Your will I pursue.   So I say as Your Son once said, “Your will be done”  and in His name, Yeshua  I say  amen”

Be bless,

Having done all; stand!

John L Fisk

Obama’s Voice of Tyranny at the UN: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” The Future Must Not Belong to Obama. (Psalm 109:8)

October 1, 2012

It has become apparent that free speech is under assault in the United States.   Over two years ago a commanding General of the United States Army, David H. Petraeus, called a citizen of the United States and asked him not to burn a Koran for this would endanger troops in the field.  You cannot make this up.   The General and each troop under his command had taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  And yet this man’s constitutional rights were about to become subordinate to Islamic Sharia law!    The first amendment to the constitution is an assurance to the people of the United States that when we speak out that we would not be arrested and furthermore, all the protection of the law would be afforded us to insure our God given rights and to ensure safety.  The US government has passed laws such as the civil rights act of 1964 which would prevent anyone, any group or government from denying me, or any citizen their civil rights under this constitution. But, the United States is not protecting the rights of those who speak out against tyranny; they are rather siding with the tyrants.   General Petraeus was saying in essence: Our troops may get killed if you exercise your constitutional right to protest against tyranny.  So, do not exercise your constitutional right. When this US citizen would not submit to the Generals request, the request became a threat. The United States Government officials all the way up to the Secretary of State began to defame him, and call him all sorts of names. They were intent on keeping him silent.  Thus, the United States said to Terry Jones, a pastor of a small congregation in Florida, who then became the man in the cross hairs: You have no freedom of speech.  If you speak out, it will cost you, for you are saying things that are offensive.

The story of Terry Jones is one of a man who is being demonized, persecuted and slandered by the United States Government and by the current Obama administration. He is being called a hate monger, Islamaphobic, a radical terrorist, a despicable man, and a crackpot Florida pastor and far worse by the United States Government and their adoring Media. The media and the government got together and stated that Terry Jones was the cause of all the unrest exemplified by a marching army of offended Muslems around the world.    He provoked them to a frenzy and this frenzy has cause many deaths.   Therefore, it is Terry Jones who is causing all the deaths.  Even Lindsey Graham said of the Terry Jones incident, “It is unfortunate we have freedom of speech.”   We have a marching army of ignorant politicians and they are ready to concede your liberties and freedom to win the war on terror!

Obama has declared in eloquent speeches, in two Islamic capitals that the United States would never go to war with Islam.   This, however, did not prevent Islam from declaring war on the United States.  See here, here and here.  If the truth be known, what you are now observing around the world is Islam waging war on the United States and their allies.   The Islamic states are organized into a group called the OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation). This war has an initial objective and that objective is to take the freedom of speech from the United States citizen.    This and other objectives of Islam are listed on the OIC website. Look at their requests and consider what this administration has done to line up with these requests.  This is nothing more than the United States surrendering to the Islamic world.

The President of the United States said in a speech before the UN and I quote, “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.   Slander in Islam is no less slander if it is the truth.   Truth is a defense of slander in this country. So, as a statement of truth and in defiance of this President and his treasonous administration, I proclaim:  The prophet of Islam is a murderous, lying, thieving pervert and the koran will teach you to be just like him!


July 22, 2012

The curtain has been withdrawn on Obama    and his cast of czars.  It is now obvious that this administration sits in the same position as the Nazi régime when the Riechstag burned.    The event became the opportunity that the Nazi used to take over Germany.    Hitler knew how to turn a disaster into an opportunity; a regular expert.    The picture is from the 1933 burning of the Reichstag, shows the building with the words “Dem Deutchen Volke” emblazoned on the front.  These words simply translate into “the German People” and history has shown that it was the end of the German republic until the blood shed of WWII had draw it’s last drop.  Obama’s latest assault on the first amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution is just another point of throwing the whole constitution into the fire:  a constitution that begins with the words,  “We the People”.   The latest flames are the attempt to pass a treaty with the UN to torches the second amendment.  The ink is not dry on the document signed by Clinton to take your second amendment rights.   Americans do not seem to realize that treaties are laws that supersede the US Constitution, but Obama has it all figured out.  He also knows that congress will not act to defend the constitution of the United States.  With the arrogance of a dictator Obama made a recess  appointment to the Department of Labor when there was no recess.   Rather than put out the fire to the burning of an article of the constitution, congress does what they do best NOTHING.    With congressional approval there was a law passed on New Year’s Eve which revoked your right to due process given the government thinks you’re a terrorist.  Obama is now burning the first amendment by dictating to your conscience, telling you what you must believe and enforcing his dictates by an army of non-elected czars.   The flames are scorching the second amendment, devoured the tenth and the fifth.  The main articles of the constitution are now becoming fuel for the fire.  The ignorance of the American people is the breeze needed to feed the fire oxygen .  Our constitution will be in the ash bucket soon.   As many of the German people celebrated the rise of the brutal Nazi régime, so many Americans are celebrating the rise of the oppressive and destructive Obama régime.    This is not the time for good men to be silent.  The wolf is at the door.  We do not have the luxury of one more year let alone four.   The up-and-coming election is critical.  Congress will do nothing but warm their hands by the fire. The courts will do nothing but throw fuel on the fire.   The fate of the United States has been placed by Yehovah into the hands of the people, that is, “We the People.”    Our hope is now in the hands of the people and if that fails our only hope is the mercy of Yehovah.   Selah